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aff I thought it was the giant robots, it would be cool


are you sure only one is working?
for me the 2 are working, so much so that the air pump is working at the top and the smart battery on the left is charged

as below, the battery is charged and the heaters on

I must have freaked out here and I can't see it :c
my eye is burning here, I'll even recreate your build to test

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Batteries belong on the generator side. Not on the consumer side.

Also, somewhat off topic tip with the oxygen/hydrogen setup: give the whole oxygen plant a dedicated hydrogen generator so it always gets priority. And only use overflow hydrogen for the rest of the base.

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I did your setup here almost the same, and it's working normally, I believe there must be some problem with your automation, since I don't know where your smart batteries are connected, as previously mentioned

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On 8/21/2021 at 6:06 PM, langhamer.milan said:

Please.. Can someone explain to me.. why these two transformers doesnt work together?

The bottom one works all the time, but the top one works only, when the bottom is disconnected. ks

Is sometnhing worng, bad connection or? 


Please help! :)



Please, post automation overlay. There are no problem in electrical layout. BUT, what exactly you mean by "doesn't work"? What exactly happens?

So far, most possible error is: Bottom battery turns off generators

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