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lighthouse skin missed opportunity

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14 minutes ago, Grim the said:



Winona. The character in the lore who is Charlie's sister. The same character who was an employee of Wagstaff's company. 
She's often used to make catapults in game for boss killing or culling mobs. 

Ring a bell? You can find her on your character select screen. She's hard to miss if you looked for her.



51 minutes ago, LinknAllie said:

The thing is,  people actually use the think tank.  

Forced to. You wouldn't be able to build boats without them, but once every item is prototyped, there is no longer a structural need for them. They're also loud when standing next to them which prompts the immediate destruction of them in public servers if they're in a high traffic area.

All I'm saying is having a lighthouse serve as a lighthouse would have been very cool. I think that point may be lost on the forum monsters.

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On 8/13/2021 at 7:57 PM, chirsg said:



Forced to. 

You're not 'Forced' to do anything. Skins are made to make builds look cooler, not functioning items. Think Tank skin looks cool, and most of the time its going to be used for decoration not as the machine, same with spotlight. Not to mention the fact that it is used often, which will make more people more happy than probably the least built thing in the game.

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if you want to sail, you must build a think tank.

All i'm saying is, a lighthouse should have at the very least been a light source. I can't help but think that winona's spotlight would have functioned so well as that, not to mention how lackluster and underpowered it is. Might not hurt to revisit the functionality of it as I won't deny, it's a bit of a crap structure. 

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On 8/13/2021 at 9:39 PM, Grim the said:


Think tanks are used much more than spotlights. If Klei wanted people to buy skins, the logical thing would be to make skins for items people use.

Think tanks aren't exactly the most popular item, and neither are the tackle boxes. Last update that added skins we got a seed pouch skin. They clearly aren't making skins to maximize profits.

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