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The Big Bot Update! - Klei Entertainment Discord Server


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  • Developer

Hey, everyone!

The Big Bot update has been in the works for quite some time, but it's finally here for everyone to have fun with! Here's what to expect with the new update:

  • Kleibot now uses Discord's new slash commands feature
    • Kleibot can also use Discord's buttons feature
    • Text commands are still usable with '!' as a prefix
    • Text command responses now reply to the original message
  • The following commands were transferred to the new code with very minimal change:
    • /Ping /TwitchDrop /KleiGames /Status /SetQuote
  • /Help command now replies to the same channel rather than directly to the user's DMs
    • The list of commands that /Help returns is now spread out by pages
    • /Help gives much more details than before
  • /L2P command now allows a message to be attached to the sent ping
  • !GetList and !Get commands have been removed
  • /PotatoCup command has been added
  • !FaveKleiGame has been changed to /FavoriteGame
  • !ShowBotChannels has been removed
  • !XP has been removed
  • /Rules command now returns an index of all rule names/numbers
    • /Rules cannot be supplied a rule name for information on a specific rule anymore
  • Added /Rule command, supplying either a rule name or a rule number will return information for that specific rule
  • /Roll remains mostly the same but has new stat trackers connected to it
    • Total dice rolled are now tracked
    • Lucky rolls are now tracked (when you get the highest possible result of a roll)
    • Unlucky rolls are now tracked (when you get the lowest possible result of a roll)
  • /Bowl has been provided a major facelift
    • Roll quotes and hit quotes are clearly split now
    • Many quotes have been reformatted for an easier read
    • Emojis are now used alongside keywords
    • Super strike odds increased from 1/2000 to 1/1250
    • All golden pin quotes have been reworded to explain that only one pin got knocked down
    • New bowling quotes written by Watheus#0996
    • New bowling quotes written by fall#0211
    • Total bowling balls rolled is now tracked
    • Total gutterballs received is now tracked
    • Highest strike streak is now tracked
  • /Jackpot now rolls the slots slightly slower
    • Any Don't Starve gem can now be found as an XP gem rather than only the iridescent
    • New STOP button added to Jackpot, allowing a user to force the slots to stop spinning early
    • Total lever pulls is now tracked
    • Total times the stop button has been pressed is now tracked
    • Total XP gems found is now tracked
    • Highest Jackpot score is now tracked
  • /Shop has been split into 4 pages
    • Page 1 supplies the Quote Changer and vanity roles
    • Page 2 supplies favorite color
    • Page 3 supplies FREE favorite characters, only one can be purchased per day
    • Page 4 supplies purchasable favorite characters as well as the character of the week
    • A total selection of 20 items are now able to be found in the shop per day rather than the original 14
    • 1 new vanity role has been added to the pool
    • A grand total of 31 new favorite characters have been added to the pool
    • Money spent is now tracked
    • Items purchased is now tracked
  • /CharacterCollection command has been added
    • This command brings up a page-by-page collection of characters that the user has obtained
    • From this collection message, a user can favorite any character they have collected
    • Good luck collecting all 67 characters ;)
  • /Profile is now split into 6 pages
    • Page 1 displays a user's quote, favorite game, favorite color, vanity role and favorite character
    • Page 2 displays level, prestige level, current XP, XP to next level, messages sent and profile resets
    • Page 3 money, money multiplier, money spent, items purchased and characters collected
    • Page 4 is dedicated to /Roll minigame stats, including /Roll's secret role
    • Page 5 is dedicated to /Bowl minigame stats, including /Bowl's secret role
    • Page 6 is dedicated to /Jackpot minigame stats, including /Jackpot's secret role
  • /GetPrestige command has been added
    • /GetPrestige activates a prestige reset on the user's profile
    • A prestige reset will drain all XP and levels to 0 but grant 1 prestige point
    • Prestige is a new way of leveling up with XP as users will be capped at level 20 from now on
    • Everytime a user reaches level 20, they will be allowed to do a prestige reset
    • The first prestige point will grant a user with the brand new 'Prestige' role, perks for that role are yet to be decided
    • Each prestige point contributes to a user's money multiplier by a small amount, allowing users to earn even MORE Kleibot money!
  • /ResetProfile command has been added
    • /ResetProfile activates a total profile wipe
    • This includes XP roles, vanity roles, all purchased items from the /Shop, all prestige points and all stat trackers
    • A user's infractions, profile reset count and messages sent count will be protected from the total profile wipe
    • This command was added for users who may not like the unbalanced stat trackers since so many brand new trackers were added in this update, for example it may be weird for some to see they have 100+ strikes but 0 bowling balls rolled
    • Your profile will NOT be able to be retrieved after reset, so ONLY USE THIS COMMAND IF YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT A FULL PROFILE RESET
  • /Report no longer takes a raw uploaded image
    • Instead, /Report now accepts an optional image URL field
  • /ViewInfractions command has been added (DMs only command)
    • This is for users to view their own infractions in the server
    • This will display censor trips, warns, embed mutes, mutes, kicks, and bans
    • Additionally, the attached information sent with an infraction will start being tracked after this update
    • Said information will be viewable with /ViewInfractions on additional pages
  • Role assignment now uses buttons
  • /Poll now uses buttons
  • Art gallery cooldown issues have all be resolved

If you're not sure how slash commands work, this is Discord's support page explaining how the feature functions: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500000368501-Slash-Commands-FAQ

And in case you didn't know we have a Discord, well, we do! If that is your thing, come hang out with the Klei Community over at: http://discord.gg/klei - See you there!

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