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Fish heads on a stick unused/soon to be added to the game

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found this while messing around in the game with a friend, I tried looking up sick canary and ended up finding this when typing (con) on the too many items mod (old version)

it heals for 6 HP, 1 sanity, and gives 75 hunger


could not find this anywhere in the cookbook, nor could I cook it on its own

(there are no seasoned variants of this item, and you cannot season it as Warley)

(character inspect lines)

wilson: Nothing fancy.

Willow: A little snack to fill my belly..

Wolfgang: Is for making Wolfgang a little bit mighty.

Wendy: It'll keep me alive a little longer.


Wickerbottom:  I do enjoy a snack every now and then.

Woody: I don't need nothin' fancy.

Wes: (...)

Maxwell: Nothing fancy, but it will do.

Wigfrid: I shall consume it.

Webber: Smells good.

Winona: Somethin' to chew on.

Warley: I'd never turn my nose up at street food.

Wortox: Maybe just a little bite.

Wormwood: Glub glub on friends.

Wurt: This is insulting to fish.

Walter: Who ate all the good parts?


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Ohh. Sounds like our survivors ended up shipwrecked on a desolate island. Intriguing! I like that! Imagine if another type of shard was added to the game in the ocean, like sinkholes with caves on the surface world.



Requesting that captain hats be added to the game. Even a top hat reskin would take sailing to another level.



Tarnation - it was merely content from a past event!

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