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23 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

Why would you need to explain automation in "0" and "1" and not green-red as the game presents it? 

i agree. Or at least explain in a way that makes sense to someone completely unfamiliar with automation. For example by saying on or off like normal people do, and then explain on means a voltage is applied, and off means no voltage is applied. That then neatly explains why a wire basically works as an OR gate in itself; if voltage is applied anywhere the wire is in on state regardless if another output on the same wire is in off state.

Also, there's several number of basic automation set ups completely left out like edge detectors of the positive negative and either edge type. I also don't see toggle switches mentioned but might just have missed it.

It's probably a good idea to look through this thread as well. 


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1 hour ago, Prince Mandor said:

And about OR-gate - it works exactly like two "diodes", so if you need "diode" on both lines, using one OR-gate is cheaper.

It's a good addition. Added: The same thing, but cheaper, can be achieved with an OR-gate (suggested by Prince Mandor) if other elements in the circuit are not interfering (placing a 4x4 OR-gate can be more difficult than two 2x1).

Corrected the names (AND-gate, cycle sensor). Thank you all.

23 minutes ago, Saturnus said:

if voltage is applied anywhere the wire is in on state regardless if another output on the same wire is in off state.

Correct approach that goes along with the usual electrics/electronics.

Remains to hear the opinion of the majority - It's not good to read at all, redo it?

upd. I, however, think the red-green description is not correct. Everyone is used to truth tables. This approach correctly describes the logical elements.

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8 minutes ago, DimaB77 said:

Corrected the names (AND-gate, cycle sensor)

What you are using is a "timer sensor". Cycle sensor runs an in-game cycle, where you choose how much time you need it active (and in what specific moment) in a cycle.

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Couple weeks ago I open for myself automation notifier, and now I use it almost everywhere, one of most useful automation item. Why? Because if automation or-and-not etc make your life easier, notifier protect you from disaster. For an example, you may be sure that you have enough water, AT work not too much (or not work), temperature, pressure is in normal range etc.


About article, from my point of view, it is too advanced. It make sense to write another one, with description how to use basic automation stuff in "in practice". For an example, AT connected to pipe thermal sensor which is located nearby liquid tank output, and this thermal sensor enable AT only in case if liquid too hot. If you have 500 kg in liquid tank, thermal range of cooled liquid will be +- 2 degrees, and you will not met situation, when your pipe will contain +-14 degrees per package

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Can you read my mind?8-)
That's about what one of the readers on the wiki asked me to do. A simple article is almost ready, and there will just be a detailed description of how the AT works.

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