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  1. The buffer is set to 5 seconds. During this time, about 80 kg x 5 (conveurohr chute) = 400 kg of regolith falls into the magma. It takes about 10 ... 20 seconds to melt it. The next batch of regolith will fall in 100 seconds. Such timings I applied to stretch the time of operation of the circuit to the next volcanic eruption.
  2. Mafic rock is used in the scheme because of a mistranslation. It really means regolith. Sorry.
  3. This way you get exactly the amount of energy released from the volcano. My idea is that I get almost twice as much.
  4. Strange, so many views and not a single comment. Maybe the scheme was taken as a joke? But it wasn't: "The idea is to melt less heat-consuming Mafic rock (SHC, heat capacity of 0.2 DTU/g/°C) in magma. After it melts (in a 1:1 ratio), it becomes magma, with a SHC of 1 DTU/g/°C. Technically, its thermal energy, will increase 5 times by leaps and bounds".
  5. We're boosting a volcano. No bugs, no mods. In spite of its non-serious appearance, it is a useful scheme, though not a simple one.
  6. Misunderstood. I mistook "wild only" for part of the challege.
  7. You can create as long a production chain as you want, including a closed one, but the price of such work is... a penny. First, no one in their right mind would want to repeat it (or even visually check it), and secondly, what works on Rime will not work on Volcanea, what worked in this release may not work after several releases. "Only wild plants allowed" contradicts "make it as small as possible".
  8. It's a little more complicated than that. In ONI, for rocket fuel, the word kerosene or gasoline will do, but not for polymer press. And in general, the largest fraction in oil is mazut.
  9. Лигроин https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Лигроин
  10. The word Naphtha is in the Russian language. The translation is Ligroin.
  11. It's not me, it's the MaterialColor mod И путаницу и нелогичность. Ну не могут же ракеты летать на нефти. For English speakers... Discussed the ridiculous translation: crude oil and petroleum. Which in Russian sounds like: dirty oil and oil.
  12. Wood to the Distiller, Carbon dioxide to the Slickster, Ethanol and Petroleum to the Generator, Polluted water and dirt to the Arbor tree. Read more here
  13. I'm sorry, I don't understand you. You mean the way of obtaining oxygen from polluted oxygen? My scheme (throwaway) is a quick sketch. I put this scheme at the bottom because of its ineffectiveness. In particular, there are far fewer Deodorizer in the diagram than necessary. And it could be made much simpler. The main problem is that it requires the work of doubles. On a large base, one of your doubles will carry bottles endlessly. Why, when there are simple schemes that don't involve doubles?
  14. I really liked your idea. I used it in my scheme, with a reference to the author.