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[Poll] On hardware/platform usage in the DST community

Hardware/platform usage among DST players  

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  1. 1. What device(s) do you play DST on?

    • Low end PC: Can't run caves at all or with extreme lag, low framerate even with small textures enabled and/or low resolution
    • Slightly underpowered PC: Caves run albeit with some added lag, acceptable framerate with some changes to the settings
    • Good PC: Not necessarily a gaming oriented system, but runs caves fine and framerate is smooth
    • Overkill PC: Gaming oriented system that runs modern titles with good frames/quality, running DST isn't a problem
    • PS5
    • PS4
    • Xbox Series X/S
    • Xbox One

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I don't have graphic card. I can't even play Terraria with high graphic options :grin:.
But I still can play Don't Starve Together without any problem, spiders and bees causes problems sometimes but in the general Klei did a great work on optimization. But Hamlet is really laggy, not playable in my standards.


BTW, I would happily accept a gift computer from super rich business mans.

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6 hours ago, Terra B Welch said:

I've not tried solo DS on this PC, so idk if the fact DS has less optimizations then DST would mean DS would lag more.

lmao I used to play DS with over a hundred mods enabled on a low end pc from 2010, still buttery smooth

I am confident the original game can run on anything no matter what

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Used to run a somewhat low-end laptop which handled DST, but mods like minimap gave it some issues.

Now I have gaming PC and runs DST at max FPS I allow it to, which is 144Hz. Now if only my net could catch up with this century...

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