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Task Priority Level 0

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The concept is simple, tasks with Level 0 priority are tasks that will never be done (unless their priority levels are raised later). This level is another supplement to standard priority level (1-9) in addition to yellow alert level as both shares some similarities: either level represents an endpoint beyond the standard priority level 1-9.  Level 0 priority describes tasks being even less important than Level 1 priority tasks, which means 0-priority-tagged tasks will always be neglected/disallowed by dups. Meanwhile, yellow alert describes tasks being even more important than Level 9 priority tasks, which means yellow-alert-tagged tasks will always be taken seriously by dups and will be finished as soon as possible.


Why Level 0 task priority should be included in the game:

1. Allows better blueprint designs (especially for special cases). For example, you may want to construct a complex structure, but it includes several substructures, and the construction order of the substructures must follow a strict sequence; sometimes, certain procedures are supposed to be proceeded between the constructions of different structures. On this occasion, you don't want to setup the blueprints part by part because the whole structure is complex (and you may probably make mistakes that are hard to correct later if you do so). You may think you can mitigate this by assigning different priority values, however, since usually there are multiple dups in a colony, even tasks are assigned with different priority value, they can still be completed in approximate time because several dups take part in the work, which risks violating the strict sequence. With 0-priority, the tasks that are intended to be done later will never be done unless their priority level is raised. Thus, the risk is completely negated.

2. An alternative method to disable machines/stations/etc. On this occasion, Level 0 priority works similarly to the action of turning machines off, but certain difference still exists.  First, for manual machines, you  need neither toggle-off actions nor automation systems. Second, for storage system, this allows the containers keep its storage while keeps dups/auto-sweepers from putting items into it. (Even the container is set to "sweep only", dups may still put swept item into it. And if the item is contaminated by germs, it may bring terrible consequence.) Third, pips may plant unexpected seeds to farm tiles, which will later be tended by dups in the same way as dup-planted ones. However, currently there is no method to prevent dups from fertilizing/irrigating the plant (unless block all entrances/disallow all related work types for dups), which forces you focus on the farm tiles all the time otherwise a waste of resource/dups working time is inevitable.

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8 hours ago, Craigjw said:

There's only two levels of priority; level 8 and level 9 tasks....

Sometimes feels like:

  • priorities 1-8: Nah.
  • Priority 9: do I really have to?
  • Yellow Alert: FINE I'LL DO IT!

(This is a joke I know how to manage dupe labor when I need to)

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