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some kind of moon themed skin set for all characters

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so you know how we have the triumphant skins for most characters? you probably also know that they are themed about shadows and stuff right? so what about a moon themed skin set? idk i just had this idea in my head for a while (and probably a lot of people too)

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I've been thinking of a sort of "Enlightened" set for a good while, I'd absolutely love them and I'm really surprised they haven't happened already. I was banking on at least some of them being released alongside Eye of the Storm considering that was the last update of an entire chapter, so I thought they'd want to go out with a bang. I love floof Chester as much as anyone else but in terms of skins, it was rather anticlimactic. 

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you know, i've been thinking about this for a while.... i havent ever gotten around to drawing it but if characters had lunar sets, this is what i imagined:

willow: would love to see something that has to do with the celestial fissures for her, since they sort of look like fire. i think she could wear a dress that's a bit fancier then most of her skins, something like a hoop with blue-ish beads and crystals. her hair could rise like triumphant's, but more soft like the fissures instead of the fire theme her triumphant skin had. 

wx78: it would be a missed opportunity NOT to make them an astronaut. like cmon. welcome to the wx78 moonbase. other then that, i had another idea of wx being overflow with moon power, sharper edges sort of like triumphant instead of the more passive, golem appearance of verdant. light, slate blue with glowing white/lighter blue veins that run like wires. glowing eyes, similar to snowfallen except not nearly as contrasting, they'd more blend in with the glowing veins. their texture in general is similar to that of moon rock.

maxwell: sort of an opposite version of his triumphant self, but not in the way his untriumphant skin goes. he'd be cloaked in white, keeping to the chess theme, but now he's switched sides. he still has a suit, but it's even cleaner then the pinstriped pattern, being a pure white with slight iridescence of blue. he gets his glasses back, but they're worn in a more dignified way then how william had them-- square in frame. lune blossoms and moon glass make a little crown on his head. the codex umbra would also be reskinned to have a moon on the cover, and maybe even go as far to reskin the shadow puppets to closely resemble gesalts.

webber: SHATTERED SPIDER!! give him the eyes. ALL OF THEM. other then taking on the general appearance of a shattered spider, i think it'd be great if he also looked like a little shepherd, tying in to his farming background and also acting like a voice and a leader for the angry shattered spiders. long teal/cyan robes, accented with light pink, maybe even a reskinned walking cane to look like a staff with the moon on it.

wortox: first of all, his horns are a lot curvier, twisting up into more branch shapes then a goat's. i'd love to see some of the eye imagery on him, maybe one in the center of his chest with minimal silk wrapping around him as well. would also love to see a bushier tail like snowfallen's. he's be more blue-green in color then the other survivors with pale horns. the eye would have a light blue retina. and the silks would have a similar color.

wormwood: it's time. i think the most obvious twist is to make him look like a lune tree with his final bloom having a lune tree blossom, maybe even replacing the pollen effect with little moths, but i've also been imagining something weirder. wormwood's skins have always stood out among the rest, such as triumphant being mainly red and leaning more towards the horror side and victorian being more brown then grey. i think lunar wormwood could also make a horror twist, but in a more "disgusting" way. the moon made shattered spiders, it could totally make wormwood look scarier. i imagined that his vines would be even more twisted up and sickly pale, making several hollow cavities in his body. he's be mainly made out of root with sparse white leaf growth, with his final bloom stage eventually being a massive tangle of tightly bound roots into strange spiky, dangerous-looking shapes.

wurt: like wormwood, wurt skins have always been very unique compared to other characters. she's been a shark, a koi, a squid, an axolotl, even a goat, so i was thinking she could take on some features from the moonrock wobsters, with armored playing and crystal growth. she'd look a lot more wary then usual, having to be protected in a hard shell. ofc she'd still be very fish-like, just think of it more as her having moon glass-looking armor in the form of plating.

doesn't contain every character, these are just the ones i developed in my little brainspace

if i ever come up w more i'll probably quote this and continueee

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I'm working on something like that called Enlightened. So far I've done my Bunny original character, Wickerbottom and currently working on a Maxwell. I plan on making all characters and I'd love it if you could check my Doodles and tell me what you think about them.


11 minutes ago, SkyistheGround said:

...and maybe even go as far to reskin the shadow puppets to closely resemble gesalts.

Damn you described exactly what I'm currently working on.

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hmmm, here are some of my takes:
Lunar Wurt - maybe a sort of swordfish with lunar-like glittered scales as she seems to be rather defensive when talking about her own kind // the guardian of merms if you wanna call it like that
Lunar WX-78 - maybe in the style of the Lunar Champion - for e.g objects held together by lunar essence; some parts made of moon glass other ones made of moon rock

Lunar Woodie - basically half turned - maybe a goose leg or a beaver tail always visible - with a little touch of the Survivor set with Lucy having a sort of lunar glass coating on the tip of the blade

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Gahh i love the idea so much. I love all the moon mysteries.

I feel like wendy would look a bit confused, since the moon magic makes it harder to see her sister. but maybe also making wendy herself look a bit more ghostly, since ghosts come out during the full moon

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