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1 like = 1 potato battery saved from getting munched



i play dst with two friends mainly, i main wx while they main webber and warly. i gave them my theory about how wx runs on a potato battery because of some quotes + wagstaff's astroggles running on a potato. 

so basically, im running

webber has a tail because my friend likes to dress him up with snowfallen wortox's feet for extra fluff, me and my other friend just like magmatic/roseate skins so no change there


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4 minutes ago, minespatch said:

What is it with Wagstaff and potatos?:wilson_ecstatic:

Warly is cruel in this comic.:wilson_sneaky:

other characters saw it as "using what you got" but if wx actually has a potato battery then i think wagstaff cracked something about potatoes nobody else did

and i would be cruel too if i heard nothing but "STALE FOOD IS JUST AS GOOD" every time i left the ice box

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i have no idea if i'll finish this so sketch it stays

more of a hc thing, as i like to imagine character skins as aus of sorts

i imagine triumphant wormwood would be able to grow shadows out of the ground directly, sort of like the nightmare ramparts


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56 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Who's the pink haired person?

The log is a continuation of the last image?

i forgot abt context! oops

the pink haired person is a modded character, cus someone's playing her on the server where this comes from

basically every dusk i'd stand in the middle of the oasis (not sure why, other then i was particular about it) and cut my arms off for logs before sleeping in the tent for all my health back and it became a meme

the first image i posted (yesterday) was a result of the wilson i was playing with going "hey, wanna see my impression of you?" then did the bonesaw emote and i thought it was really funny

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