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This just came in my head, i made 3 sketches about my ideas for this boss, it's inspired on a cuttlefish which is a cephalopod that just like octopus they can change their skin color and texture, but they can also use it to hypnotize preys, and that's what inspired the psychic powers of this little giant boy here, also cephalopods are the closest thing we have to aliens, what else would you think about a living organism with superior intelect, squishy body, squishy giant head, 8 tentacles that attaches to everything and almost have self conscience, ability to merge with the environment and release ink to blink and poison enemies, also a beak and a tongue filled with tooth? 
i made a generic robotic body for the 3rd sketch but that's just to give an idea, i'm thinking about it's robotic body having a design based on the lunar technology and altars, the 3d sketch also reminds cthulhu, with a cephalopod face and anthropomorphic body which i find a great inspiration for a final lunar boss, what's more related to the moon and sea than a cosmic leviathan?


my current concept for its battle:
1st phase- where it has the giant robotic body, made of celestial technology and controlled by it's psychic powers,it will move around attempting to stomp us with it's robotic feets and eventually punch the ground attempting to hit us, the feets and hands are individual entities that can be damaged while on the ground, destroying all of them causes the boss to enrage and go to the 2nd phase
2nd phase- it will start to roam and jump in our direction, the perfect opportunity to trick it and making it fall in water, which will cause it to get temporarily stunned and make it possible to attack it's head, once it's head gets damaged enough the robotic body will self destruct and the boss will reveal it's true form which can be seen in the first two sketches
3rd and final phase- it will float around with it's psychic powers, it has a melee attack where it exposes it's two longest tentacles attempting to grab and drag a player to constantly damage and drain health from it, and it also opens it's middle eye to use it's extraordinary psychic powers which opens windows to many different possibilities of attacks

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dude i'm not even bullying that boss this time, also if you can't read that's just a sketch, not the final look, i'm thinking about it having a way more lunar look, the robot having it's limbs as different entities which the player would damage and would attack independly, besides other interesting and unique mechanics, i already thought about many changes to it's design but i'm 2 lazy to draw and my artistic skills are too mediocre to reproduce and also many epic attacks for all of it's phases

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