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  1. Ever felt really greedy while doing a fight ? Felt like you were in total control of the situation ? Not planning enough armor and tank like a doofus ? Well apparently i do that alot and here's the greatest proof of it ! Hope you guys enjoy ^^
  2. I love this game, and one of my unabashedly favorite things about it are the bosses--with Klaus reigning supreme. The hunt and preparation for it, the atmosphere created by winter and the soundtrack for his fight, the actual combat, and the loot style--all of it is flawlessly executed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all of this stemmed from Winter's Feast at some point, and so I was thinking that Hallowed Nights is a prime candidate for another similar style of boss. This is more of a rough template of sorts that kind of slowly snowballed in the shower, but as a concept I think it is interesting to consider. Preliminaries These events will take place during fall (during Hallowed Nights I'd assume it would follow Klaus re-spawn rules during Winter's Feast) and has a unique hunt style that could also add a new base game mechanic. Unless there already is deeper lore than I'm aware of surrounding the graves and they should remain untouched, I think they are the prime candidate for the hunt. Pigs that live near graves in the forest (or in the graveyard if they are built there) will replace graves as if they were never dug up during fall (potentially either once or a after X amount of time) and loot can be obtained from them once again. Assuming they are replaced once, digging them up during Fall has a chance to drop a unique item where you are more and more likely to get one to the point where you are guaranteed after X digs (for now we will call it "Eerie Effigy"). The player will recognize this item as important due to quotes, and that pigs recognize it as evil and will attack players holding it. Aside from that, in the graveyard biome, or very nearby, "A Totally Abnormal Tree" similar to Klaus' Sack and is the source of the impending battle. The player can place the Eerie Effigy near the tree and burn it to release the evil contained within, and this disturbs the tree awakening a spirit tied to the tree, and the fight begins. Mechanics of the fight Upon awakening, "The Spirit" (I don't want to have to think of a cool name lol) manifests itself into a particularly ghoulish nightmare that binds itself to "The Tree. The problem for the players, is that The Tree is awakened and The Spirit is loose, creating a tag team fight. This is definitely a raid tier fight so the health values and damage should be according to that idea. There are two major caveats of the fight with one being that The Spirit and The Tree cannot die while the other is still alive. If one is defeated while the other one is still alive, after a brief delay, the other will resurrect them with a slightly lower maximum health pool than before down to a minimum (ex: after 5 ressurects of the spirit his health cannot decrease after future ressurections.) There more than likely needs to be some visual or gameplay indicator that a boss is low on health for us puritans who avoid health mods. The other is that upon burning the effigy, an indefinite night cycle begins that will not end until the boss has been defeated. The Tree's eyes burn with evil bright enough to illuminate it and a small area around it, and The Spirit glows with dark flame. (The Spirit) The Spirit is highly aggressive and alternates between periods of abysmally low mobility, and high mobility. The spirit can move slowly towards the player in whatever style it moves, or it will periodically teleport to either the player or a distant location. Upon being near the player, The Spirit will perform an area of effect slam producing a wave of dark flame dealing direct damage, damage over time, and a severely increased sanity loss penalty as long as the flames persist. Upon teleporting away from the player, The Spirit will begin to charge up and blast a beam of dark flame across a line (think long range Winter's Feast Deerclops laser). The Spirit will also attempt to haunt a player who is insane. Solo, this will result in a stun, but with multiple players in the vicinity, the players can attempt to "remove" The Spirit from the player. An additional effect will be that any pigs in the area will be infested by The Spirit's magic and will become werepigs. If any players die and leave behind a skeleton, The Spirit will reanimate the corpse as a minion. The Spirit cannot be led away from The Tree, and will immediately return to it if players go too far. (The Tree) The Tree has no mobility and will remain rooted in place. The Tree will raise roots from the ground in multiple locations (similar to Poison Birchnut) that attempt to track the player. There will be points of eruption that indicate where they will arise so that the player may have a second to react. The Tree will also lob explosive dark fruit at the player (sort of like mortars). Periodically, The Tree will also release Totally Normal Acorns that chase after the player, but also have a unique mechanic in that they will attempt to dive into sources of light (including stars created) and envelop them in darkness. After reaching a certain health threshold, The Tree will release a blood-curdling scream and spawn Totally Normal Treeguards based on how many players are around (think Krampus phase from Klaus) (this makes allowing the tree to reanimate especially punishing). If the players are able to defeat both bosses within 5 seconds (or X amount of time) of each other, the fight will be over... or so we think for a brief moment. (Final Phase) The Spirit will quickly in a last ditch effort place its entire being within The Tree for a final reanimation. The Tree retains its dark fruit bombs, Totally Normal Acorns, and roots attacks, but gains additional abilities gifted by The Spirit. The Tree will gain a dark flame beam that can aggressively track the player(s) instead of just travelling in a straight line. The Tree will also have an ability I will tag as Concierto that happens periodically. Dark flames will surround the tree in a full circle so that the player cannot approach it without taking severe damage over time and it will begin a very orchestrated combo of lobbing dark fruit bombs and raising multiple roots in a particular area that only deal damage (think sand spike from Antlion). This will go on for X seconds where it repeatedly creates new patterns of danger zones to avoid before it is vulnerable again. If the players successfully defeat The Tree, the fight will end and the rest of that day will immediately turn into a full day of light, until the cycle goes back to normal the next day. Rewards I'm gonna be honest I don't even want to approach this, but I'm confident that Klei would come up with some appropriate style of loot. I'd assume that during Hallowed Nights the loot could include stuff specific to the event in addition to the regular stuff. Final Thoughts So what started as a Winter's Feast event created a permanent boss that so wonderfully compliments the game. I am super hopeful for Hallowed Nights being able to produce another boss that does the exact same thing. Oh, and it has to have a wonderfully eerie but powerful soundtrack like Klaus does. I love the music Klei produces.
  3. Soulful Alchemy

    Version 2.2.2


    Dissolve, brew, enchant, summon, craft, reap, et cetera! This mod adds a flexible alchemy and potion system and a new kind of magic tech tree. The two branches unite in the powerful spell ritual system. I recommend installing Tomes of Knowledge, it allows you to acquire helpful books and make alchemy notes. Alchemy In the magic tab, there's the so-called Alchemical Distiller. It requires an alchemy engine to unlock (Who'd have thought). Using it, you can extract effects from various ingredients and put them into potions. Combining several ingredients can remove effects or create new ones! Thus experimentation can prove important... or deadly. By adding the right kinds of ingredients, you can even synthesise regular items (e.g. tentacle spike) or discover unique alchemical items (e.g. mandrake seeds). It is recommended to make actual notes when experimenting. Also make notes of which potion is which, since their properties do not perfectly reflect their effects. Soul Magic When playing around with magic, you might stumble upon the Sinister Tabernacle. It is the first step of a journey you will learn to love and regret at the same time. To make any soul items, you will need souls (Who'd have thought). The first method to acquire those is spinning a Dream Catcher, it will catch the soul of any sentient creature dying near it (e.g. pigmen). Spell Nidus When you are confident with basic alchemy and wrapped your head around souls (figuratively and literally), you can try to make a spell circle with Ghastly Candles. Placing the right objects in it lets you cast a spell. [advanced guide] Finding a spell is difficult, and moreover dangerous. In the worst case, you could summon a giant and not even notice. Only the luckiest can find a Tome of Knowledge to teach them all spells there are. Credits Mobbstar - Me, the project leader and coder Klei - made Don't Starve, the game this mod is for, and also most textures used in it @Lampofulmine - Ghastly Candle texture @Theinsanefruitloop - Alkahest texture @ImDaMisterL - misc. rune textures (Boss Music) Plans in Motion by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License If you want to support this mod somehow, feel free to contact me! Please report all and any bugs you find! If you want to stay up-to-date, follow to the file using the upper-right button! [Original Forum Thread]
  4. Beta Test Video [Spoilers]

    edit: A little side note the first time I tried recording the deerclops died in two hits
  5. So with the steam sale, we've seen a large number of new players; now normally I'm against hand holding, but being asked the same question 20 times is also very annoying. Thus I decided to throw together a quick somethin-somethin, just to help the new players learn some of time management strategies. What do you guys think?
  6. Mob Ideas

    I have some ideas for Monsters and Animals, pls don't flaim me k? dey r onleh ideas ;c.Now let's begin...Animals:Boars (Neutral)Health: 175Damage: 22.5Drop: Ribs, TusksSpawns: Pig VillagesThe Boar is basicly a Buffed up vers/ion of pigs, but only stronger. They are tamable by using any kind of meat, also they can't be Wereboars unlike their ancestors, aka The Pig.Their Tusks are meant for Weapons to craft, no ideas what use they can be though :l.Boars will stay even longer if the meat was cooked and not raw.7 Cooked meat = 12 1 Half daysTurtle (Neutral)Health: 285 + 50(Shell) = 335Damage: 50Drop: Shell, Soggy MeatSpawns: SwampsTurtles have the most advanced system of all time, Walking slowly... Turtles will try to attack you if you manage to find Turtle Eggs by Pitchforking the ground. If you managed to kill one congratulations, because their shells are meant to be craftable armor. They can also be made into Terrapene Soup with the Crock Pot. (aka Turtle Soup) which restores 75 Hunger.Magical Stool (Passive)Health: 125Damage: 0Drop: BoardsSpawns: Anywhere randomlyGoat (Neutral)Health: 150Damage: 44Drop: Horns, Goat Skin, and LambchopsSpawns: Forest BiomeGoats are rideable, but must be tamed by giving them 3 Carrots and Berries, they will accept cooked. If you ride them before you tamed them, they'll Double kick you onto the ground, doing 44 damage. They go around in packs, so don't you think 44 damage will be easy. Goat skins are meant to farm them by creating Grass Areas. Horns are also used to make the Demon Rant's Hat for the middle of it.The Magical Stool spawns random non-rare items, they can be in stacks or single item. They will never drop Rare objects, such as Amulets. Most Stools are rare to find, 2 stools cannot be together in 1 area, they must be seperated in another biome.Monsters:Blue Tentacle (Hostile)Health: 575Damage: 55.55Drop: Ice Spike (Weapon), Blue Skin, Monster Meat.Spawns: Winter Update might probably add a Snow/Tundra/Taiga Biome much? pls? At least?The Tentacle's brother, Blue Tentacle. The Blue Tentacle is a Rare Monster that can be spawned naturally. Since the Winter Update will be coming soon, It would decrease your warmth slowly when you are around it. It will also throw Ice/Snow at you if you are not near it, but eventually it'll come back into it's Hidey Hole. It's Ice Spike allows you to freeze your opponents, It has a durability when you use it in your Tool slot when you are near fire, and will decrease like the Spiderhat.The Crackler (Hostile)Health: 250Damage: 33.55Drop: Bone, William's SkullThe Crackler is a Wooden Skeleton near Graveyards, they came above ground for revenge and WILL kill you, Most are nearby spiders which form a deadly league. They can also be falsely reported as Meat Effigy, which are fake. Their Bones are meant to craft Tortoise Armor. William's Skull is a Headgear that was meant to be a Spoiler of William Shakespeare's Skull, It'll make all Hostile, exception of Sanity Mobs, Friendly to you but, Neutral Mobs hostile to you. Durability like Spiderhat.The KappaHealth: 275Damage: It'll do 20, 25, 30 and then 45 each hit you took from itSpawns: Swamp BiomeDrop: Froglegs, Gravedigger items, Red GemThe Kappa is a ancient mythical creature that resembles a frog and alligator that had babies, The Kappa will take the first hit and then it'll stop until it restores health, It'll repeat itself until you die, fair enough?Bosses:I didn't mention this, but I think Don't Starve needs more than 2 Bosses, don't you agree?Cerberus (Hostile, Never sleeps.)Health: 1350Damage: 100(Bite) 70(Ice) 85(Fire)Drop: Monster Meat, Ceberus's Tooth, Hell's EyeSpawns: When 101 Hounds are killed, spawns around the area near the playerCerberus is a Hard Boss, 3 Heads 3x the damage, each Bite from each head costs 100, making them the most hard to defeat boss, they run faster than the player, suggesting their big size and matter they'll probably ram you into the ocean and make you drown, Since of Winter Update they'll have a Ice Attack which 1 of the heads casts it. They won't stop to eat any meat so traps aren't suggestive. They are immune to any Fire damage. They'll drop Ceberus's Tooth and Hell's Eye to create the Devil's Rant Hat which is 1 half the durability as Nightmare Armor and 1 half the defensive counter part, but sanity will be lost.Characters (Wilson,Willow,Wendy,Wolfgang,WX-78,Wickerbottom,Wes)Health: 100Damage: Depending on what toolDrop: Whatever in their inventorySpawns: When Maxwell has been defeatedThe Characters can befriended by giving them things they can use to survive, like you. If your character is Wilson, Wilson can't be spawned, but the other characters can. The Characters will follow you until you hit your shack/shelter, they'll work to survive and trying to "Not Starve". If you help them for 7 days, they'll go survive for themselves, working as a team won't do it. Maxwell won't like it either...Sanity:BansheeHealth: 600Damage: 55Drop: Pandora's Box, Nightmare Fuel, Devilish LampSpawns: Sanity <13 13% of spawning though.When your Sanity is <13, consider yourself, "I'm gonna die! ;_;". because the Banshee will scream when spawned, infact, the Banshee will scream everytime you see it on the map, thus making you loose Sanity MORE than ever. If you defeat this Screaming Horror, you might get the Rare Pandora's Box. If you use it, it'll spawn a random Hostile mob right next to you. Be warned, this will spawn Bosses and Buffed up mobs.Faded ShadeHealth: ?Damage: ?Drop: Nightmare Fuel, Beard Hair(If Wilson), Torch(If Willow), etc.Spawns: Sanity <7 4% chances of spawning.The Faded Shadow is the Character's imprisoned shadow from the Real World, When you find your Faded Shadow, their name will be ??? and take the look of the Character you are playing. When the Player encounter these, the Shadow will have the Same Health and damage done, and it'll follow you once you get your sanity up, and also drain your sanity to negative -1 The Shadow will copy your movements. if you simply attack it, you attack yourself. It'll not assist you in fights, You'll also get weaker... and weaker......X_X.Once Proper AI is added, the followers will follow you more properly and efficiently, Chester doesn't get stuck in one corner and keeps moving forward and touching the ocean barrier... RIGHT? RIGHT?!?!Man this is pretty long, I hope you like the idea, if you have anything else to say or any MISTAKES and RAGES at me, pls comment. kthx.
  7. So first I'm going to start with feedback. I love the game. Simple as that. I can deal with the minor bugs (freezing for a few seconds when switching over to day). The new enemy/boss idea I had was... wait for it... SLENDERMAN! Or a Slenderman like entity. He would show up the night after you pick up a certain item. He would attack three different times on that night or the nights after. When you defeat him for the last time he would have some sort of climatic death and drop some sweet loot. So there is my idea. I hope you all take it into consideration because it would be quite amazing.~Love a devoted player of your game..
  8. I just added them, have a read Charcoal- "COMPRESSED DEAD MATTER. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?" -edit- Also check this out, all characters got their own page now (Wolfgang is coming, don't lynch me!)
  9. Text to Jeff: " If you can kill it, you can cook it". Makes more effective food. Can't wear a hat.Text to Twigster : Spawns when the player hast more than 40 twigs -> random ( which means he spawns randomly)Text to Grassmonk : very rare in early days, drops Red Gem, does not attackText to golden chain: 20 Gold needed, can be given to the pig king for a random hat.Text to Tentacle Hat : take less damage from tentacles -> 3x Silk + 1x Tentacle SpotsHere you go. Actually I never saw it this way but why is a spider queen in the game and no other bigger versions of other monsters?By the way your right I saw the spider queen and just made the same thing with the hounds.I have to say that I do have enough ideas for other monsters but the potential that this game offers is gigantic. The only thing that really has to stay is the balancing and the difficulty. So why not make a mother of hounds AND new creatures ?
  10. Half life or any game that is on sale but post the game on here first
  11. As most of us know, farming bees/honey is a great way to get loads of extra health and food relatively easy, with multiple bee boxes providing a great amount of food, sanity being taken care of due to the introduction of taffy, a good defensive structure when combined with bee mines and a great way to store excess food as honey doesn't spoil in the actual boxes. I think to stop players constantly farming bee boxes, i propose a kind of Queen Bee boss that is summoned after the player farms many boxes in a time period or after a set amount interval, and that the boss could summon bees from the nearby boxes to attack the player, discouraging the creation of many at a time. If anyone from the forums or any dev would like to either add to or comment on this idea, or if mass farming in this way could be dealt with more effectively with another suggestion, let me know!
  12. I had a small idea, birds could land on beefalos and sit there, like birds sit on top of rhinos and eat bugs of off em. And you could throw a boomerang at the bird like normal and the beefalo just shrugs like it was nothing when the bird dies.
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Target selection with tools or weapons Steps to reproduce Equip a tool or weapon Click on or near a valid target for that tool/weapon Receive info about another target close-by Describe your issue Once you have a tool or weapon in hand, the GUI/HMI should prefer targets of that tool or weapon (creatures). I was low on health and kiting a swarm of spiders and slowly whittling them down until I went to stab one and got lovely information about my fire instead. x.x While this might not be considered a bug per se, it severely affects gameplay when fighting (and the solution would aid the other tools as well). When I have a spear in hand and click on a mob that is behind a tree it needs to attack the mob not tell me that trees can burn!
  14. "There is something in the swamp... I've seen its slime-covered extensions a hundred times before, but I shudder to imagine what foul creature within the wet muck they protrude from." ~Sumgai Ayemaidup In the swamp there hides a beast like no other. It reaches up its scaly tentacles to drag its prey back below. But is it better to run, or fight back and risk seeing it like never before... FACE-TO-FACE! Presenting: The Kraken! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay! Let me get started with telling you my Idea for a new mob to rise among the ranks of Queens and Leifs! Ever wondered what all those tentacles in the swamp come from? Really? No? Well doesn't matter, I'll tell you anyway! The beast of mythology known best for its many tentacles and large appetite, the Kraken! I think that if I where a giant swamp monster and some small monkey man kept cutting off my ever-regrowing appendages, I'd come on up and teach him a thing or two. An if he ever dared come back, rise back up, and show him my advanced class. Okay, enough with all the salesman talk, have a list of things I think it should do: • If you kill too many tentacles within a period of time or a small chance, the Kraken will rise up from the swamp. • If you run too far from him he will go underground leaving bubbles on the surface as he moves and cannot be attacked. • he can have up to 4 tentacles that follow him when he moves. • Cannot leave the swamp but when the player leaves he goes into his aforementioned bubble form and begins to roam. • Drops something special '3' To give an example of what he may look like, have this rough sketch I made: (Note: I don't expect any comments like this but I already know my pen-work is not of good quality) And a link to alternate mouth-with-teeth slapped on a face:
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Solution to mouse hitbox/ screen zoom issues Steps to reproduce I've seen a lot of Issues where people cannot click properly in game while in full screen because mouse detection is way off or the screen in zoomed in too far. I may have a solution. Describe your issue Steps to Fixing these problems: For Windows 7 64bit 1: Locate the dontstarve_steam.exe file in your steam folder ---(usually "Program Files (x86), steam, steamapps, common, dont_starve, bin) 2: Right click dontstarve_steam.exe and click on compatibility. 3: Click the check (so it appears) next to" Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" ---(optional: click the box for "Run this program as an administrator") 4: Click "Apply" 5: Start up don't starve and make sure your refresh rate matches what your monitor can support. 6: Enjoy! (hopefully) Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong location. But I figured it would get exposure here.
  16. While playing "Don't Starve" I have been noticing that after day 30 or so the game becomes pointless. Yes they obviously aren't even close to finishing it but I thought I'd put in my input in about what could happen as days pass, and you get bored, and nothing is challenging. In my opinion, rare events should happen slightly more often and other rare events should open up every 15 or so days. Also enemies could wear armor as the days progress and careless mistakes could cost you a lot. There could also be "Boss-Type" fights at certain spots on certain days. For example: Every 5 days from days 5-20 you can access boss X at location X Every 5 days from days 25-40 you can access boss Y at location Y (Both giving you an OPTIONAL boss fight, with reward of course) Npc's?: Yeah there are the pigs but I mean real, people Npc's, or something similar, I mean it does seem odd that you are the only one in the world for a second then you find a civilization, it would kind of ruin the point of the game. But could there be some way to implement something similar? Maybe. But these Npc's should: Sell you things or have some sort of trading system. Give you tasks to complete. Be for sale as a guard or a companion. There are also many other things they could do if that wasn't the direction you wanted. Nights becoming different as time passes: Full moons bring harder enemies, Colored moons can bring certain types of enemies. Example: Blue moon: Ice enemies Red moon: Fire enimies Story progression: Obviously the story isn't even close to done, but when it is instead of just laying it all on you: Start: 70% of the story Middle: 5% of the story End: 25% of the story ^Don't do that^ You could base it off of days and player progression, releasing parts of the story as the game progresses. And hopefully finding out who Maxwell is. 0.o That is really all I have for now, but I'd love to hear others' suggestions on what should happen as time passes.