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Webber is a bland character ATM, a lot of people agree, you can get spider eggs from spider queens and tier 3 dens, spider hats also from spider queens can be used to allow you to be friendly with spiders (Thought not spider queens unlike webber) and instantly tame up to 10 of them, no monster meat required, considering the surprising ease of killing the spider queen compared to killing the bee queen. Spider dens can be crafted by webber, but are way too expensive, requiring 12 silk, 6 spider glands, and 6 PAPYRUS, not reeds, PAPYRUS. Doing the math, you need 24 reeds to make 1 den. The only useful features of webber right now are his ability to eat monster food without bad effects (not too useful though as why would you eat this anyway?), upgrading spider dens with 5 silk to upgrade to the next stage (which I bet 20% of ppl reading did not know you could even do) and his silky beard, which allows him to collect even more silk, and survive winter easier (though not as easy as wilson). I didn't could exact numbers, but seemingly half of the people who commented on my Rework discussion post all wanted webber, and half of the people who explained why said he was pretty bland.

So here are my ideas on some LOOSE ideas for Webbers rework, I do not want to go too in depth and do Klei's homework for them after all, these are just some minor things I want to see in his rework.

Webber can use spider dens to sleep:

This idea originally came from the Treats For Webber mod on steam. And I'm gonna put a little spin on it. Webber could, if this feature was added, could have the option to sleep in spider dens, I was originally gonna say to use it like tents, but webber is a spider child and spiders typically sleep during the day. So I think he could do it at any time, during dusk or night has same effects as tent, but with infinite durability, and during day, could gain more sanity and health. I don't know if anybody will agree with me, but I also think Webber should not be able to sleep in Tier 1 Dens, but can sleep in 2 or 3 Tier dens, I think this should be the case for 2 reasons: 1: Webber is a big boy and he already has spider friends bunking with him, and 2, it encourages players to utilize his den upgrading ability.

Nerf Webber's Spider Den craft:

EVERYBODY saw this coming, and if you didn't you have either never played this character, or don't care about this character, if it's the latter, why are you even here? Webber's current Spider den craft is 12 silk, reasonable, 6 spider glands, generous, and let's see here 6 PAPYRUS. Yeah, no thanks. I think if they replaced the papyrus in the craft with monster meat or more silk or glands, it would be much more viable. 

Spalagmite Craft:

I've seen a mod that implements this but I can't remember if it actually spawns spitters and cave spiders. I think spalagmites should be craftable by webber, which makes them able to be renewed only by webber, the craft would likely involve rocks, flint and probably a fossil fragment or 2. I say a fossil fragment because they can drop from spalagmites.

Change spider types by feeding them specific items:

I saw this idea from somebody but I can't remember who, they suggested we could change normal spiders into shattered variants with moonglass, and I agree with it, I remember they wanted spiders to turn into their cave variants with a batwing, but I disagree, I don't know what they may use for cave spiders, spitters, or dangling depth dwellers. maybe there should also be something to turn them into warrior spiders. I do think this would be cool, and it would allow people to customize what spiders they want without having to spawn shattered spiders in to use them outside of lunar island, and to get cave and spitter spiders without crafting a spalagmite, if they even make it so you can.


These are some LOOSE Ideas for Webber's rework, what do you think? Let me know your opinions in the comments.


I forgot to add this, but I also want a version of the shamlet mask to be craftable for webber, likely requiring either more beard hair and pigskin, or having a durability that drains while wearing it.

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I'm a bit confused when you say you want to nerf his spider den recipe but then mention ways to buff it. Making a recipe easier to craft is a buff not a nerf. 

Monster meat helps a a whole lot with ruins rushing. I do this with Wormwood at all the time. 

Sleeping in spider dens is kinda meh since tents exist. Tents themselves are pretty meh, when Spider boy has no food restrictions an can instant band-aid stats with food.

Spiders can only do so much, so being able to transform them isn't going to make much of a difference. They're all going to one get one-shot by deerclops just the same. And why feed them to transform them when he can just be given the recipes for those structures instead? Not that its any better.

I think we should leave all of the spider follower stuff behind. I think we should delve further into

1. His physiology

2. Special interactions with spider queens

3. Unique silk crafts

Here are some ideas for crafts:

Webhead- a unique backpack that can go on your head. This looks like a spider den on your head lol!

Webbed flooring- can be placed on the floor and it slows down mobs and bosses. Doesn't work on flying enemies. Gives webber increased movement speed and it does stack with cobblestone flooring.

Web Bolas- A rope weapon that snares mobs.

Some people suggest letting Webber ride spider queens and i think that would be cool. They could get a large speed boost on webbed tiles to reach beef speed.

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Not to be rude but I am super confused why I see the idea of Webber sleeping in spider dens popping up so much. Are tents a difficult but highly sought after item in general public play? Like it would be a cute gimmick but to me if it takes away even 1% of dev time that could be added to add other things to him then I would never be on board with it. As far as the spider crafts idk, I feel like minion gameplay should be a very minor aspect to his refreshed character. Expand his crafts as he learns the world sure, but I think he has potential to drift into unique design beyond minions as he is a symbiote of sorts. I feel like he should explore some form of a duality that is emphasized in his being a monster and a human. What that would be, I don’t know. But just some food for thought. I just really hope he’s reworked May or whenever the next refresh happens because I’ve been waiting for so long lol.

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On 4/16/2021 at 6:21 PM, Kelloggs Dogfry said:

Not to be rude but I am super confused why I see the idea of Webber sleeping in spider dens popping up so much. Are tents a difficult but highly sought after item in general public play?

Tents are not a highly sought after item in DST, as they kinda suck, I think a lot of people think that because he's a spooderman, he should be able to sleep in spooder dens, makes sense.

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