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  1. I'm making a creature mod, and I'm relatively along in the process, I'm trying to avoid designing it like the anim files have the plague, and I'm going to work on drops after, but the only other thing I need to finish is spawning mechanics. Only problem is, I don't get them, like AT ALL. I've searched through the prefabs of multiple mobs and entities with various spawn mechanics, but I cannot figure out what the trigger is that causes these things to appear in the world. Am I missing something in the prefabs? or are spawning mechanics all contained within its own folder or file? I could really use the help, because I am otherwise stuck.
  2. reasking my question because I'm really stuck on this one. I don't properly understand spawning mechanics, and while I work on the model and anim, I want to also work on the spawning mechanics
  3. So I'm stuck in the graphical portion of my mod (I'm not an artsy fartsy type. I'll likely spend most the development time on the mod in this part of the mod making process) So in order to make some progress on my mod now that I'm in the headspace, I wanted to ask questions on how world spawning works. Tying back my original problem with the outdated tutorials, they had one for world spawning. I said before I was gonna use something similar to the dirt piles to spawn my mobs in the game. but after looking through the prefabs of the dirt piles, the tracks themselves, and the mob that spawns from them, I feel like I'm missing some things here. I'm looking for the specific trigger that spawns both the original dirt pile (I know how the game spawns subsequent ones) and the creatures that spawn from the hunt. This isn't tying in how I know I'll have to look into how the clay varg and it's subordinates spawn to get the spawning mechanic I'm looking for.
  4. I knew the file had to do with music or sound, but I didn't think it'd start with a d. I was just going down to m and s in my library to find it. Thanks for this! is it in the prefabs file or somewhere else? EDIT: found it in components.
  5. Since I'm set on the coding part of my mod for a while, I was wondering about something not explicitly said throughout the forums that I might use later. I've seen plenty of tutorials and guides on how to replace music files. but how do I add them. even just looking at the code I can figure out how to implement my creature sounds to replace the spider ones, but I just don't understand how don't starve handles deciding which track to play when. Maybe I'm looking for the wrong files looking for music or sound prefabs, or maybe the tracks are contained in the mobs using them. but I just don't get how dst determines its soundtrack. I'm asking for something I might do later.
  6. Thank you, you are a godsend my guy. The anim files are an enigma, now I may understand them a teeny tiny bit better.
  7. NVM. After a bit of looking, my problem lied in the warrior attack itself. when setting up the states, I had somehow wrapped the warrior attack state INSIDE the regular attack state. after fixing that the mob yeeted itself at me.
  8. Shortly after sharing my problem, I double checked my code and did notice the rest of the doattack missing. Only problem is I need to cut out the warrior spider tag from the code entirely, and when I do things start falling apart. Either things start crashing and I think I'm getting somewhere, or it doesn't leap at me
  9. bc I don't think you caught my most recent problem bc the replied merged (sorry I just am stuck on this part) the creature won't do it's leap attack, it will maul me just fine, but no matter how far I get from it, it won't leap. It'll keep chasing or give up, but not leap. I feel like I'm missing a part of the code, so could you help me with this?
  10. alright, thanks! I should probably triple check my stuff next time I decide to copy paste code from another part of the game to make sure I get everything I need. turns out I didn't have everything I needed. The creature won't do it's leap attack no matter how far I am from it.
  11. The soundpath in question is for the attack grunt
  12. Ahhhhhh! I feel a bit stupid now. I could've sworn I brought all the states I needed from the spider lua. [00:01:06]: [string "../mods/workshop-2811951071/scripts/stategr..."]:116: variable 'SoundPath' is not declared
  13. just noticed your comment. Here you go. SGcustommob.luacustommobbrain.luacustommob.lua
  14. require "behaviours/chaseandattack" require "behaviours/runaway" require "behaviours/wander" require "behaviours/panic" require "behaviours/attackwall" are all the behaviors present in my mobs code
  15. that probably did it then. I'll see to adding that EDIT: I checked my code to see if I did include it, and I have the retarget function. so whats wrong with it?