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  1. Maybe I could make a fleshed out Character build sometime then
  2. and I wanted to give a vague idea of Maxwell as a potential D&D character to play (because very little ppl have heard of this game which is sad, but you can play your DS or DST characters in D&D and nobody will know you're plagiarizing, I myself have a WX build.) And not a whole build because newbies to or people who have never played D&D might not understand the complicated mechanics. I was already pushing it with a basic D&D description and was proven somewhat right because of @Dr.Medic's confusion with alignments, and didn't want to dive into a whole build to flesh out some of the things .
  3. thank you, sometimes it's hard to explain things like alignment to ppl who have not played D&D
  4. No Them is giving Maxwell his power in this build (IDK if this actually happens in DS) through the Codex Umbra Warlocks are magic users who get their power from a patron. Maxwell has a Great Old One for a patron, this patron(s) is Them If you don't know who Them is don't worry nobody does. He was an Entertainer before he got sucked into the Constant, and CE Means Chaotic Evil, and CN is Chaotic Neutral, and the CG in Parentheses is Chaotic Good, alignment determines the way a character will likely act. If you've ever played D&D the background, alignment and the warlock class should all make sense.
  5. IDK, I think EoTS just confused me and a bunch of other people then actually answer questions. Again, IDK who Them is (are if they are a group of beings), hence the idea for the Great Old One subclass. And do have a reason why I'm wrong, or was this just you making a joke (You were probably just making a joke, but I figured lets make this a discussion bc why the heck not?)
  6. Really? Have I been wasting things like turf and saplings to fuel the fire when I could be burning this on the ground?
  7. Maxwell is a CE turned CN (or CG IDK) Human Great Old One Warlock with the Entertainer background, Them as his patron(s) and the Codex Umbra as the source of Maxwell's Powers. Tell me I'm wrong.
  8. yeah, charcoal has little use aside from drying racks, boomerangs, and crockpots (I know there is stuff like scaled furnaces but really you're not gonna make these often unless you're Jazzy). And after you got your perfect kitchen and about 20-40 or so drying racks (because people like the jerkest of all racks), you don't need it for crockpots and drying racks. And with boomerangs it's 1 charcoal per boomerang so after you make like 20-50 you won't need charcoal for a while. At this point the only think you can really do with the stuff is burn it or make some items that aren't crafted frequently. I absolutely agree with you, something needs to eat up our coal, bc coal is supposed to be something essential and fairly easy (if you actually know how, took me a while to figure out how to get charcoal.) early game, along with things like silk, grass, twigs, logs and rocks. But after you get the drying racks, crockpots and boomerangs coal becomes almost useless, and boomerangs aren't really big on coal bc they use 1 charcoal per recipe. So unless you're needing a bunch of boomerangs, you don't need to worry about spending charcoal on them.
  9. I forgot about the compass. Which is very situational. but may be the only thing worth adding her for
  10. I think they decided against her, and then modified her mechanics for Webber (Excited for his rework) and modified her design for Wigfrid (Boo Wigfrid Rework)
  11. I actually didn't know that about Woodie (Not surprising since we got more lore about him from somebody else's short than his own), I like that, I kinda wanna play Woodie right now just to examine the birds and see his quotes.
  12. While the crafting idea is not the best, the idea of the crafting station is something I would want for a mod to have in my world.