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nakomaru's regolith melter

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In 2019 @biopon made an awesome regolith melter. At the time I jumped in to optimize the heat exchanger. This is basically a rebuild of biopon's great design, with a few extra tricks to preserve as much heat as possible and recover the cooled magma as igneous rock in one go.

Inputs 20kg/s 600K regolith, outputs 20kg/s ~1204C igneous rock (plus extra magma as rock), and only uses a tiny ~35g/s of magma in the process. You can probably scale down the heat exchanger to be honest. Save file is built on the DLC but uses nothing special. Steel/diamond/obsidian tech.


Because this is prone to the debris merging heat deletion bug, make sure your debris pile below the boiler stays fairly hot while you're setting stuff up. You can turn off your regolith input to reset it.

On second look, the video shows the temperature of the debris is changing, so this design might not be subject to this bug. Perhaps this is because the liquid doesn't exchange heat with any solid, liquid or gaseous tiles when solidifying.


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10 hours ago, gabberworld said:

not sure but regolith is limiter recurse atm in DLC yes? no?

Yep, that's right. By the way, mafic rock is identical to regolith for this purpose - same SHC, TC and melting point (also limited).

10 hours ago, JRup said:

BTW, how long does it take until the rail of regolith is continuous?

I don't really know, sorry. Basically you need to spend energy to warm up the exchanger first.

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At first I dismantled the liquid h2o factory... Then the rocket (the only one). Then the silo (most of it anyways)... It's finally built and now I'm waiting for a minor volcano eruption in about 6 cycles.


The salt booster (40kg) makes it take about 16 g/s of that happy cherry go-juice.



Aaaand a minor last minute correction (hate you evil debris temperature freeze bug):



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22 minutes ago, Hjoyn said:

I'd suggest using a mesh tile to push the debris away from the magma to avoid the bug. 

The correction pictured above actually fixed the issue.

I'm now battling with the rock chiller to the right...

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