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The author of the Codex Umbra: The first Maxwell

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Basic assumptions:
1) The Codex Umbra originates from our world, as William Carter found it in the desert following a train accident.
2) "Magic" also exists in our world: ghosts, shadows and curses are real, not just the fruit of fantasy and superstition.
3) The Constant is not a creation of William Carter, and as far as we have known from time immemorial creatures of different worlds transit inside the Constant (humans, krampus, shadows, Them)

That said: nothing prevents us from thinking that the Codex Umbra was written by a previous "traveler" who had the opportunity to see the Constant and to enclose its esoteric knowledge in the book of shadows.
There are several ways to travel between dimensions: gates abound in shape and size, different characters have been able to independently open a functioning gate (Wilson, Wagstaff, Winona...)
It has always intrigued me that William Carter has decided to call himself "Maxwell" and that, by chance, a red "M" is imprinted on the cover of the Codex Umbra.
I think Maxwell was the original name of the author of the Codex Umbra, a narcissus who couldn't resist putting his first initial on the cover of the manuscript. William Carter, who wanted to change his identity, found in the name Maxwell his new "I", as the "spiritual heir" of the original writer of the Codex Umbra.
A question arises: what happened to the first Maxwell? Perhaps he lies in a death-like sleep, waiting for the stars to align themselves again...


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it would be cool if we saw something like this in a future like seeing the original survivor whether you unlock him during doing a quest because something i would love in dst is ways to unlock characters that isnt buying them or using spools and if this maxwell is in an eternal sleep then there could be a place for us to unlock him as a character and see the constant through the eyes of a veteran

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On 3/9/2021 at 7:37 PM, ArubaroBeefalo said:

Maybe he gets the book from the wicker library. A prohibided section kinda like the library of the miskatonic university in the cthulhu mithos

What does wicker say when she inspects the book? Do you know?

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