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Add radiation as a game setting.

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22 minutes ago, The Plum Gate said:

Well when no sweat players are experiencing extreme difficulty then it should probably be a game setting.

OK, that's a very good argument, can't argue with that.

As long as survival players have something that they need to survive from, I'm fine :)

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Looks like the early days when diseases were deadly. Just like with diseases we need a better way to handle it not straight up removal. The tools for proper protection aren`t there yet. We just need a bit of patience.

Anywya disease settings should affect radiation sickness as well imo.

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Yes my intent with the post was for the setting was a generic allusion to it being looked at for potential.

This wasn't meant to be an allegory to the suit durability topic that was taken up last update. That effects all suits.

Turning radiation off entirely would ruin an entire research branch, so, not my intention.

Some slider for the severity of the effects on dupes seems more fitting.

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Please have radiation as a dedicated setting option, I would prefer to not mix it with the non-radiation germ setting.

I very much also hope that we someday get new endgame threats and events, which also could be a scalable difficulty setting.

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