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  1. I often get to this point myself and wonder what to do especially in the early days of the DLC. Now I find plenty to do: Explore the System to discover Planetoids and POIs. Collect Artifacts Mutate Plants Experiment 52B Breed exotic Critters Build the Monument Play a game to complete Achievements I also like to spend time in the Sandbox when an update comes out to test the new Buildings and Mechanics. I do auto building and simple tests just to see how it's working and look for obvious bugs; I don't want to spoil the experience for when I play in survival.
  2. When the Diamond Press has an Order Production that is greater than the Materials or Radbolts required it will not issue a Work Errand to produce what it can. For example if the Order Production is 10 and it has Materials/Radbolts to complete 1 Order it will not issue a Work Errand. It will remain in a status of Waiting for Materials/Radbolts. If there's already enough supply in the Diamond Press it seems to complete the Production but then will get stuck and new Materials/Radbolts are provided for further Production. At reload will trigger the Work Errand for 1 run. It would also be nice to see the amount of Radbolts required. Super Duper Burrow.sav
  3. Early research can be a bit too fast once the Duplicants get skilled up. I'm ok with Material and Orbital research as it depends on how much effort you put into gathering resources. I'd be fine with it being slowed overall. I don't typically rush research anyway so this would just have my researcher(s) spend more time at it instead of other tasks. Not really unless a new line of buildings are introduced. Orbital research feels a bit disconnected. Flying round trip to sit in a space ship just because that's where my research station is installed feels odd.
  4. Do you think that the Drillcone should only collect the resources that are designated by the Cargo Bay? If nothing is specified in the Cargo Bay then it could collect any available. In my example, I have only selected Aluminum Ore in the Cargo Bay but it collected both Aluminum Ore and Igneous Rock.
  5. I've noticed this as well. In this Save (that is in Debug and Sandbox for testing), One Rocket is updated correctly and another is not. After reloading the save file neither of the Tanks were updated as full. Super Duper Burrow.sav
  6. The Rocket Destination Display Arrow is not showing when viewing the Starmap or changing the destination. It seems like this used to be persistent. At a minimum it would be nice to have it show the rocket current destination when changing the destination. Not sure how the rocket destinations should show on the Starmap considering we can have multiple rockets; perhaps each destination could have a tag with the rocket name, a color, a number or something completely different. How about simply adding the name of the rocket in the hex on the Starmap of its current Destination; you could even indicate if it's a round trip.
  7. I'll admit, it's useful to know exactly what Biomes and Geysers are on a Planetoid just by Discovering them but doesn't it spoil a bit of exploration? A Telescope can learn a lot of information by viewing a Planetoids atmosphere and topography but is this taking it a bit too far? Knowing the Biomes and Geysers at and close to the surface makes sense. Deeper Biomes and Geysers that have no exposure to the surface I'm not so sure. Maybe we could get some kind of deep drilling probe for further discovery. This would have the disadvantage of cutting through the Biomes and likely causing a bit of a mess; I'd probably not use it just because of this.
  8. Something to add, Dups are dropping Oxygen Masks at the Atmo Suit Docks in general. This Atmo Suit Dock is significantly closer than the Oxygen Mask Dock so perhaps that has something to do with it.
  9. Is there a rounding error going on here? -4% + -3% = -6%? Pretty sure the correct answer is -7%
  10. Should the Unidentified Subspecies get their own Filter? I was looking to separate the normal seeds and their subspecies with a conveyor loader but could not do so because a Subspecies of Mealwood Seed is picked by the Mealwood Seed Filter.
  11. There is no information on how much Radiation is too much for the Bluff Briar. It does get an indicator High Radiation Levels and does not grow. It looks like it might not be able to handle any Radiation. So, maybe it doesn't need an Ambient Radiation information check mark like other plants have?
  12. Should we have a different type of Oil Planetoid for the Forest Cluster start? It might be more interesting to mix it up a bit for the Forest Cluster start.
  13. I'm seeing radbolts lost in storage when my power is off as well. Do we know if this is the intended behavior? I could see this being intentional but wouldn't mind confirmation. It's the first time I have encountered this but that could be a symptom of the power setup. The Wood Burner is powering the Radbolt Generator and the Atomic Collider. The Wood Burner isn't enough to power up the battery and keep power on all the time. The following screen shots are within a few seconds of each other.