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Hey Grifters!

Today's update fixes some issues, and adds an experiment for the fight against Mutant Vix. Raaaar!


  • Added a battle to experiment_smith_final_fight.lua so you can fight the mutated vix
  • Meeting at the Crossroads: add failure case if you don't make any shills and need to battle the law.
  • Fixed bug where the informant boon applied to the wrong person


  • Fix for card purchasing with gamepad, while Confirm Selection setting is enabled.  A confirmation popup now appears.
  • Preloading various common battle fx when starting a new game.  Preload the stuff in generic_fx, too.  Unload only when returning to FE.
  • Replace broken InkTransition going into combat with a fade.  On some platforms we need to load during darkness anyway.
  • Don't use popup mode for big/bigger UI mode on the TravelScreen.
  • Fix for occasional missing damage previews, if an argument is still being animated in when it has been retargetted.
  • Fixed bug where persuasion labels on your arguments were not updated in the same way as your opponent's


  • Handy now affects Master Chip.
  • Telegraph now grants a small amount of concentration before applying defend
  • Fix a bug where Spark Visor could be triggered more times than the number of stacks.  It now applies at the start of battle only, but yields a larger bonus.

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On 2/20/2021 at 2:54 AM, Kevin said:


  • Added a battle to experiment_smith_final_fight.lua so you can fight the mutated vix


Word of warning to other players, Vix currently has a debuff called "Sapping bile" that seems very bugged. I am not sure if the issue is with temporary power explicitly, but it breaks the fight. 

EDIT: Played a few more rounds against him. He's vicious at P7, that's for sure. I don't think you can beat him without winning the negotiation first, unless your deck can go infinite in a couple of turns. He's a huge damage sponge, he hits like a truck when you take his allies into consideration, and his debuffs are brutal if you get hit with the one that targets your build. Try to save your sources of evasion for the turns he applies the debuffs, it will make the fight a lot easier.

The debuffs will have to be tuned so that they work against the other characters in Brawl though :)

EDIT again: I sent an F8 saying that it would be nice if the colour of Vix’s condition before he debuffs you changed colours depending on the debuff he intends to apply. Then I realized it is already the case. I think that means that is too subtle a difference. Maybe Vix’s model / animation should also be different depending on incoming debuff? Like a coloured aura or something.

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