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[Game Update] - 452651

Release Date: 02/19/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Today's update fixes some issues, and adds an experiment for the fight against Mutant Vix. Raaaar!


  • Added a battle to experiment_smith_final_fight.lua so you can fight the mutated vix
  • Meeting at the Crossroads: add failure case if you don't make any shills and need to battle the law.
  • Fixed bug where the informant boon applied to the wrong person


  • Fix for card purchasing with gamepad, while Confirm Selection setting is enabled.  A confirmation popup now appears.
  • Preloading various common battle fx when starting a new game.  Preload the stuff in generic_fx, too.  Unload only when returning to FE.
  • Replace broken InkTransition going into combat with a fade.  On some platforms we need to load during darkness anyway.
  • Don't use popup mode for big/bigger UI mode on the TravelScreen.
  • Fix for occasional missing damage previews, if an argument is still being animated in when it has been retargetted.
  • Fixed bug where persuasion labels on your arguments were not updated in the same way as your opponent's


  • Handy now affects Master Chip.
  • Telegraph now grants a small amount of concentration before applying defend
  • Fix a bug where Spark Visor could be triggered more times than the number of stacks.  It now applies at the start of battle only, but yields a larger bonus.

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