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Hey Grifters!

Today brings a new experiment: Vixmalli's negotiation! Give it a shot, and tell us how it feels. It's pretty first-pass, so watch for tuning in the coming days.

Other than that, we have a whole bunch of controller UI fixes. If you use a controller to play, we'd love to hear how that's going for you - we're always looking for ways to improve the interface!


  • Added vixmalli negotiation experiment
  • Boss grafts on day 1 are always negotiation, Boss grafts on day 2 are always combat
  • Fix infinite loop crash if you kill Rooks' day 1 story boss.
  • Added boon, bane and death loot to the Rise Valet def
  • Set up the combat behaviour for the Rise Valet
  • Hooked up the boon, bane and death loot for Tei and Theroux
  • Set up the Bilebroker Sampler def with a simple combat behaviour


  • Hold RT/LT to engage turbo cursor, and reduce the speed reduction over hover widgets.
  • Add missing cursor hints on the TravelScreen
  • Fix CardGrid:GetDefaultFocus
  • Battle deck is the default focus when focusing on the top bar in gamepad mode.
  • Reorder top bar widgets so the most important widgets are fastest to access via gamepad.
  • Fix the card info popup showing when you confirm a card upgrade using gamepad.
  • When cancelling a targetted Flourish, animate the card away instead of playing the Expend animation.
  • In any non-Dev branch, include in the lua crash message a list of installed mods.
  • Use the battle/negotiation speed scaling setting instead of Fast Mode to modify the animation speed when choosing Flourishes.


  • Swap rarity of High Places / Executive, since High Places is more likely to be useable further in a run given its renown requirements.
  • Edited the desc of Swift Rebuttal to make it clearer (hopefully)
  • Fix Fold Em applying Wound to all targets if modified by Spear Head.
  • Fix crash tooltipping Fatigue outside of battle/negotiation.
  • Fix player preview not disappearing when cancelling out of a targetted flourish.
  • Fix All-Rounder only applying 2 Trauma.
  • Replaced Boosted Pinto Pour with Pale Pinto Pour for better upgrade options
  • Fixed bug where Spore Cloud affected non-attack cards
  • Added missing Finisher flag to Finishing Strike
  • Fix Gut Shot (or other multi-hit attacks) not applying features if the target dies prematurely.


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7 hours ago, Kevin said:

Fix Fold Em applying Wound to all targets if modified by Spear Head.

Why? How is Fold Em different from other status sources that apply to all enemies when modified by Spear Head? Hell, off the top of my head, if you have the Flash Powder graft and use Spear Head, your attack will apply Scorch to all enemies.


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I don't mind the reduced RNG for boss grafts, at least now when I only get offered negotiation grafts on day 1 I know I'm not missing out on the preferable combat grafts.

Speaking of, can negotiation boss grafts get a second look now? Distributed Processing is just not worth picking and can be demoted to an Uncommon or even Common Graft. For some reason only Hostile decks get a graft that halves their damage output while there's no counterpart for Diplomacy decks. Then there's Contractor and Coactive Orbslug which could just as well be Rare Grafts given their power level.

IMO all boss grafts should either give extra energy or reduce card cost, both with some attached drawback, like the combat boss grafts already do. It's pretty clear that boss grafts are the same concept as Slay the Spire's boss relics, and nobody enjoys picking up crappy relics like Empty Cage or Tiny House in that game.


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I don't know if Distributed Processing should be a Boss graft now that everyone has access to it, but saying it should be common is underestimating its power. I have to try it in Rook's and Smith's campaign, but it's plenty strong in Sal's. Much safer drinking, easy merchant negotiations, and making reputation cards stronger than they already are (for Hostility decks), makes for an altogether pretty solid package. Maybe not as strong as other Boss grafts, sure, but still.

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So this is a very small thing to fixate on, but why are Weezil and Brut aligned with the Spark Barons? They're just two random dudes that are scaring away the other clientele at Moreef's bar, and they're sitting with civilians and jakes. So I would expect them to be either civilians or jakes too, negotiation behaviour notwithstanding. Especially Brut, who's just a guy with a spiked bat, but Weezil's rifle doesn't run on spark either.

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Spark barons are the frontrunners of havarian technology. Clearly Brut belongs in the spark barons as nobody else in havaria has figured out how to use a bat. And nobody has figured out how to use the ancient technology of a sniper rifle other than the renowned sharpshooter, Weezil.

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I don't see how that contradicts what I said. Kashio's a prime example of being a "side-Baron": she rose from a mud digger to a Baron affiliate, yet she wanted more, so she went into the whole debt broker business armed with her Baron connections. Even Fellemo's a paper Baron, not particularly being concerned about the Spark or people under him unless it impacts his own bottom line.

With that in mind, it's not difficult to see how Brut, a Pinkerton like character, fits with the Barons faction. Same goes for Weezil, a sniper that may have been used to oversee the vast Spark dig sites.

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I’m not saying they can’t be sparkies. I’m saying there’s no reason to believe they are. Kashio is clearly introduced as an ex-Baron, and we get details on her previous life during Rook’s campaign. 

Brut and Weezil have nothing of the sort, they’re completely disconnected from any factional issues. It kinda cheapens the faction if just any random you meet turns out to be affiliated with them. Not to mention we have a disproportionate fraction of bosses that are sparkies, for some reason.

EDIT: I’m not sure why you think Fellemo isn’t representative of the faction at large. No Baron you meet in the Bog seems particularly concerned about anything else than money (and avoiding a Rise rebellion).

Edited by pacovf
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3 hours ago, pacovf said:

EDIT: I’m not sure why you think Fellemo isn’t representative of the faction at large. No Baron you meet in the Bog seems particularly concerned about anything else than money (and avoiding a Rise rebellion).

It's from his lines about using the Barons as a means of accumulating enough wealth for a nice retirement. He doesn't care about Spark advancement, Vagrant Age, or any of the bog crap. Far as I'm concerned, there's no proper Baron leader in the game. And if you're wondering what I consider to be a proper leader: Nadan, Oolo, Kalandra. They lead their respective factions and are invested in their success beyond personal gains.

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