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[Game Update] - 451525

Release Date: 02/10/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Today brings a new experiment: Vixmalli's negotiation! Give it a shot, and tell us how it feels. It's pretty first-pass, so watch for tuning in the coming days.

Other than that, we have a whole bunch of controller UI fixes. If you use a controller to play, we'd love to hear how that's going for you - we're always looking for ways to improve the interface!


  • Added vixmalli negotiation experiment
  • Boss grafts on day 1 are always negotiation, Boss grafts on day 2 are always combat
  • Fix infinite loop crash if you kill Rooks' day 1 story boss.
  • Added boon, bane and death loot to the Rise Valet def
  • Set up the combat behaviour for the Rise Valet
  • Hooked up the boon, bane and death loot for Tei and Theroux
  • Set up the Bilebroker Sampler def with a simple combat behaviour


  • Hold RT/LT to engage turbo cursor, and reduce the speed reduction over hover widgets.
  • Add missing cursor hints on the TravelScreen
  • Fix CardGrid:GetDefaultFocus
  • Battle deck is the default focus when focusing on the top bar in gamepad mode.
  • Reorder top bar widgets so the most important widgets are fastest to access via gamepad.
  • Fix the card info popup showing when you confirm a card upgrade using gamepad.
  • When cancelling a targetted Flourish, animate the card away instead of playing the Expend animation.
  • In any non-Dev branch, include in the lua crash message a list of installed mods.
  • Use the battle/negotiation speed scaling setting instead of Fast Mode to modify the animation speed when choosing Flourishes.


  • Swap rarity of High Places / Executive, since High Places is more likely to be useable further in a run given its renown requirements.
  • Edited the desc of Swift Rebuttal to make it clearer (hopefully)
  • Fix Fold Em applying Wound to all targets if modified by Spear Head.
  • Fix crash tooltipping Fatigue outside of battle/negotiation.
  • Fix player preview not disappearing when cancelling out of a targetted flourish.
  • Fix All-Rounder only applying 2 Trauma.
  • Replaced Boosted Pinto Pour with Pale Pinto Pour for better upgrade options
  • Fixed bug where Spore Cloud affected non-attack cards
  • Added missing Finisher flag to Finishing Strike
  • Fix Gut Shot (or other multi-hit attacks) not applying features if the target dies prematurely.


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