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How about a mini-series following the critters?

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Ok just hear me out. What about a side-series of the critters from the Critter Den and how they came together; with Chester/Woby as a main character?

Here's some tidbits about how the general premise may play out:

- Chester/Woby stumbles upon a den of creatures and is initially frightened only to find its inhabitants are the critters.

- Each critter has their own personality in-line to their breed. For example:

  • Giblet is usually anxious and scared
  • Broodling is generally proud and angry
  • Vargling is brave and rambunctious
  • Kittykit is refined and reserved
  • GlomGlom is ecstatic and bouncy
  • Ewelet is lazy and sleepy
  • Mothling is protective and motherly

- Chester/Woby often disappears from the survivors to go on adventures with the critters and to sneak them food.

The idea is that we would see how the critters found themselves with each other, and the origins of each critter; or just see what cute adventures they may embark on in episode to episode. A bit far-fetched I know, but I'd definitely love to hear what people think about this, especially since there has been talk in the past about an animated series for Don't Starve.

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