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Are Bolts coming to PC?

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For those of you who don't know non-PC gaming platforms have an in-game premium currency called Bolts, that is used to make purchases in Don't Stave Together Shop, which PC clients purchase for actual money, Bolts come is several different sizes of packs.

Don't Starve Together: Console Edition na PS4 — kup taniej w oficjalnym  sklepie • PSprices USA


From recent statement of @Bigfoot we know that  they "have agreed to deal for Tencent to purchase a majority stake in Klei Entertainment".

As is stated in the announcement "Tencent has been in the games industry for many years, investing in companies that produce games such as Path of Exile, League of Legends, PUBG, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, and more." What links most of these games is in-game premium currency, so that got me into thinking: would that have an impact on PC branch and bring Bolts there as well?

You see in-game currencies are not necessarily a bad thing, they usually get their own discounts the bigger package you buy independently of skin bundles discounts, effectively reducing cost of purchased goods. Bolts would also equalize prices amongst all platforms while helping Klei to keep clear track of all payments.


Would you like to see Bolts on the PC branch? Do you think it's a good idea?


Edit: I am aware PC doesn't "require" Bolts per se, I understand why Bolts had to be introduced, but premium currencies are a common thing in gaming environment for a reason. 

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I really don't see the connection here.

DST already has in-game purchases on PC; that's what all the DLC is. Bolts were only ever implemented into console so that Klei wouldn't have to put every new skin set through its own certification process and thus delay console updates.

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39 minutes ago, VouMorrer said:

the actual spool currency in pc is one of the best currency systems i've seen in games, please dont change it

Spools exist on consoles, dont worry about that Im sure Spools are here to stay.
Bolts are supposed to be this sort of bypass for waiting queues on console with new content, think about it like this do you want to push a new in-app purchase for [items] and need to wait [some lenghty time] for [console owner] to approve said purchase or instead introduce Bolts which are the in-app purchase and set the pricing for all other shop items to Bolts and basically bypass the forced wait time?

As for us PC users, we dont need them since our platforms dont have massive approval timers and are nearly instant as far as I am aware

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I dont care, i have tons of skins by just playing and those skins doesnt change my experience that much (i like them but isnt what makes dst fun)

Just for decoration but i wont make megabases if there were a real late game content or anything else to do. And if i want an optional content that doesnt change the ingame experience, like skins, i would pay (i atleast before since now i dont feel confortable giving half of the money to fascist)

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