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Giant Crop Cheat Sheet

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Hello, Don't Starve gang. First of I wanted to say I really like the mechanics of the new RWYS update, and want to thank Klei for their good work. Since the combinations are abundant, and my memory is limited I decided to make a quick "giant crop reference sheet" that require 0 fertilization for everyone to use. Thanks for @Laknish docs for providing all the possible crop combinations. Also I would like to mention a great mod that helped to calculate the crops nutrients in real game time, it really saved me a lot of time without having to use commands. I hope you find that info useful.

EDIT: All these food combinations are achievable using the mod snapping tills. It's either grid 3x3 or hexagonal.













All Giant Crop, Auto Nutrient Pairings (& Fertilizer Pairings) List By Lakhnish Monster

Gardeneer Hat Mod


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I like the way you've visualized things, it looks very nice. I'd also like to add this post by @Aknott for anyone who wants more of a single-page thing that they can put on their other monitor. His post was on page 4 of @QuartzBeam's farming guide so I don't think many people saw it.

On 12/29/2020 at 4:31 AM, Aknott said:

Hi QuartzBeam,

I thought it would be nice to summarize your guide, so i launched photoshop and 11 hours later, here we go!

Err, i don't do this very often... probably the last time...

Hope you like it, and that it will help some players.

Edit : uploaded new version after taking some screenshots!




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Really really not a fan of the linked client mod that inherently gives you the ability of two head items, one of them a ruins item, along with coloring crops so you can immediately identify sources of stress at a glance... and also lets you fill out your crop registry with a click of a button. How satisfying is farming really going to be when you skip past so many mechanics like that?

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