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Hey Grifters!

Who's up for.... a BOSS FIGHT?!

Initial versions of the Droad and Snug are now in Smith's story, and in a convenient experiment for you to test. Don't let them eat your pets!


  •     side_smith_eden_from_the_top is done
  •     New Day 3 boss experiment for Smith! Fight monsters!
  •     Updates to the combat behaviours of the droad and the snug
  •     Added death loot for both the snug and the droad


  •     Readded Smith's Nepotism card and added it to his starting deck
  •     Fixed bug where tough_and_angry_plus2 did not apply defend to the right target
  •     Fixed bug in oppo_healing_spring.lua where the increase in max health was also healing the player


  •     Chain cards now preview the cards they transform into

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                    You have a cushy job with the Admiralty.
                    Why are you risking that to work with the Rise?
                    [ insert good reason here ] 
                    Yeah, OK, good point.
                    So I guess you think that makes ME the bad guy here, huh?

I won't accept anything here that is not a convoluted, 30 minute monologue.

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