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So, this is a bit silly of a suggestion, but ever since the Reap What You Sow Update, I've been thinking of how the plants all grow in a very strange shape. Then I realized that the one fruit that actually grows in the way they do in the update isn't even in the game: Pineapple. You may think they grow on trees, but they don't. They grow like this:

Home Depot Is Selling Pineapple Plants Right Now | Taste of Home

This is just like the plants in the RWYS update. I think it would be fitting to add it into the game with the new crops.


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Nice idea! I imagine it would be a Spring/Summer fruit. New recipe, "Pineapple Pizza" made with Pineapple, Toma, 1 Meat, and filler (100, -15, 15. Minus sanity because Pineapple has no place on pizza you heathen).

Another plant that would be great for Fall/Winter would be Brussel Sprouts. Perhaps they could have another trap recipe "Bitter Slice" (50, -15, 0) which would incentivize upgrading to better veg. The advantage of Sprouts would be that they would have a high chance to drop a second crop instead of a seed, and always drop a minimum of three when breaking a giant Sprout. In other words, you get more veg but any time you use it in a crockpot you could just get a crap food that hurts your sanity and doesn't restore any HP. Additionally, snobs such as Warly cannot eat Bitter Slices at all.

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