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Webber lore plot twist

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I legit thought that there used to be an old spider civilization that stood on two legs and grew web beards and hair as a source of silk. I just imagined a large bipedal spider that had a web ponytail and beard with glasses that had eight frames, in a boat with younger Webber, fishing with a fishing rod that had the silk of a strand of his web beard as the line.

Well, until I read his actual lore...

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6 hours ago, QuartzBeam said:

Or maybe that tea he made with a plant called "forget me lots" is making him forget...

Yep, that's the joke behind a couple character quotes about Forget-Me-Lots:
"Hm. I can't remember what I was going to say about those." - Wilson
"Hm, I don't recall ever seeing a flower like that before." - Warly
"I keep forgetting to look them up in my handbook." - Walter

In fact, looking at the quotes for Soothing Tea, it seems as if it regains sanity over time because it makes the characters literally forget their problems:
"A nice cup of tea to forget all my problems." - Wilson
"It's as if all my worries and cares are fading away." - Wickerbottom
"Almost makes me forget where I am." - Woodie
"Mother used to make tea for me... at least I think she did..." - Webber
"I've got no time for tea! There's work to be done, like... er..." - Winona
"It makes my head feel a bit fuzzy... but I'm sure that's fine!" - Walter

So yeah, I'd say this isn't secret Webber lore, this is just Soothing Tea having its effect on Webber, I'd say it's making him forgetful here because thinking about his mother means thinking about the family he's been separated from.

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