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Ice block melting fast

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Idk if its normal, but my duplicant gonna build Ice block and when that happend it will go from -14°C to 0°C in 2s in 20°C enviroment.

Is it normal that 400kg of ice melt so quick? is it because of water is touching it?



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I had the very same happen a while ago. In my case it also seemed to be the water conductivity. I had more water than you though. But still, it seems that your 10 tiles of water have about ~150 litres in each of them. So it is approx ~1500 litres vs the 400 litres from your iceblock. You should see a slight temperature change and mass increase in the water tiles for each iceblock that melts.

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13 hours ago, psusi said:

1) Water has high heat conductivity, and 2) since the sculpture is a building, it has 1/5th of its mass for thermal calculations.

I didn`t know this calculation detail with buildings, thank you.

BTW I have the same when I buy 1 liter of ice cream...I open the box, put a spoon in and its gone in no time ! :confused:

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