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  1. I don't why this not work, even duplicant sensor work through door.
  2. Where did you read I have installed mods? Its clean game.
  3. When you look on anything on ground with temperature overlay, there will be two temperatures on desctription. Edit: Changed word "mod" to "overlay".
  4. I think, sometimes its because for example you want to take 500 something and 3 duplicants take that order. After taking order first take 150, second 400 and last 50 or only two take that and third just get distracted with something else so you must wait for other one to pick the rest. If only one took that order, he take everything.
  5. When my duplicant storing Gristle Berry into refrigerator there is variable instead of name of the item.
  6. don't worry, its not my native language too. Yes, i have this things too. You can see it in second foto. I am just asking if produce energy is correct number or there is some misunderstanding in max. power and actual produce power or this numbers are correct.
  7. I have problem too with second. I play with 1x speed most of the time for that reason, duplicant just work faster with shorter breaks. I think problem is, your PC is too slow to make faster reaction in game and thats why duplicants wait until they get they order. Like when you play FPS game and move camera, but camera will move after 3s, that what happent to duplicants here.
  8. I understand, that transformers and batteries take energy more, but I have this more energy and batteri is not changing. so easy way is just take max power produce and now i have 3400W instead of 2384.2W by solar pannels. Problem is, more pannels i build now, longer space there be. Its not like I cant play, its just confusing. Dont know what grid data is,
  9. It's very confusing, when I working with power, but game showing me wrong numbers I should have now power stored, because I produce more then is my consume, but I have nothing stored and machines don't have power. I think problem is, solar panels have max 380W, but they generate for me like cca 280W, but I have full 380W showed there so they calculate with 380W? Should I report this or I missing something or can I fix it somehow?
  10. after a while, they did their job done, but I don't know, why I can't see them on that list.
  11. I build some pipes and then I wanted to rebuild them, but now its like nobody (no duplicant) care. i am almost on the edge of map, when I restart the game, I still have this problem. Sometimes somebody show up on list, but after few secs disappear . ^This is how far from the edge I am. ^This is pipe that work. ^This is pipe next to previous pipe that doesnt work. Here you can see one duplicant, but he disappear in few secs and list was empty. ^ this is pipe on top and list is empty. I uploaded my savegame, maybe you find was is the problem. Its on right top.
  12. I have sometimes bug, where my recources tab start like quick moving up and down, hiding and showing and sometimes some resources start appeared where they should not be. Its happening really fast and then after few minutes game stop responding, after another few minutes game crash and steam too. I tried to screenshot it, but didnt have luck. I am playing in the lowest resolution and window mode on Windows 7.
  13. is it bug? In description is that Bunker door are nearly indestructible and not indestructible.