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Just a quick little update to let you all know that the project is going smoothly




ALU is fully debugged and finished all the registers. Only control and memory remaining


Sorry i didnt have any time, but now with the coronavirus thing going on, ill have plenty more. So stay tuned

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Another update! We now have % more RAM. Specifically 32 bytes. Still this is about 1/8 of our total addressable space. I must admit, it gave me a lot of grievances because after you copy it you have to play connect the dots with the automation ribbon. Also a lot, and i mean A LOT of black holes eat my game,but it's... i mean you gotta look at this spaghetti. :P


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Things are going smoothly

I think we can expect an alpha release along with a manual within the week.

I had to reduce the RAM to 16 byte because my game froze all the time, but ill put it back before i give the map to the public

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22 hours ago, TripleM999 said:

A little computer built with ONI logics... which can not yet play ONI, but maybe Crysis.

You know, ill be a little optimistic here and say that 128 bytes of ram might just be enough to port atari pong. Or maybe doom. I mean this thing is ported to toasters and vaccuum cleaners nowdays...

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