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  1. Wouldn't this delete water/steam cause of petroleum dripping?
  2. 3 bridges and 1 tile shaft is superior, imho, but high pressure gradient, so not that easy to comprehend/control.
  3. For gas mechanics, i would recommend which touches a variety of different mechanics.
  4. and the 10% rule is explicitly intended, already shown by source code analysis:
  5. All the mods, i used, have a dependency on PLib form Peter Han (aka Stephen on Steam). I had a little conversation with Peter Han, if one adds a mod, with a current version of PLib implemented, all other mods depending on it, will use the current version too. Then the mentioned mods will work indeed without any crash on save. I used the mod updater as dependency solver for this: and now it seems to work, as intended. This is not recommended for everyday usage though, especially force loading of outdated mods, so use at your own risk.
  6. hmm... there seems to be a problem with saving though: MissingMethodException: void Database.ColonyAchievementRequirement.Serialize(System.IO.BinaryWriter) (wrapper dynamic-method) ColonyAchievementStatus.Serialize_Patch1(object,System.IO.BinaryWriter) ColonyAchievementTracker.Serialize (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/ColonyAchievements/ColonyAchievementTracker.cs:292) SaveLoadRoot.SaveWithoutTransform (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveLoadRoot.cs:197) SaveLoadRoot.Save (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveLoadRoot.cs:151) SaveManager.Write (Tag key, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] value, System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveManager.cs:237) SaveManager.Save (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveManager.cs:175) SaveLoader.Save (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SaveLoader.cs:256) SaveLoader.Save (System.String filename, System.Boolean isAutoSave, System.Boolean updateSavePointer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SaveLoader.cs:856) Game+<DelayedSave>d__193.MoveNext () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/Game.cs:2104) UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Scripting/Coroutines.cs:17) EDIT: Seems to be a personal problem on my side... other confirmed, that this method works.
  7. Many basic mods work now with DLC, when you have them in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\local\modname and manually add a basic mod_info.yaml into the mod-folder. supportedContent: ALL lastWorkingBuild: 0 mods, which seem to work for me with this: Pliers Blueprints BetterLogicOverlay GeyserCalculatedAvgOutputTooltip ShowRange
  8. This sounds intriguing. Giving out points, basic or advanced, along a research line, for instance plumbing or automation, for a specific or the lowest nonresearched tech, maybe random, maybe POI-specific. It could also gift complete topics/techs up to the point, that it says: "We didn't learned anything new" for topics already researched. This way the developers even could help with research, which they deem necessary for a given map. (like maybe the sludge press)
  9. Please implement a durability system for every piece of hardware... NOT. Durability wear for extreme situations, like overpressure, overtemperature... maybe certain elements... ok. But everyday usage? Why not add wear to every pump, or filter or what not. Quite disappointed by added regular wear for atmo suits. Or please add divers googles without wear to avoid yuckey eyes, one of the most annoying conditions atm.
  10. Could be, that this was fixed then too... influencing insulated tiles with tempshift plates. Was always recommended to leave one space between tempshifts and insulated walls.
  11. he could even cool the insulated tiles with a backhand tempshift, if deemed necessary.
  12. Everytime, one more building is found, which could be flaked, they fixed it, like here. Clearly not intended, and i hope, they found all.
  13. this have to be on top of a pipe, not beside it.
  14. Now that you mentioned it, i remember. And even without obscure liquids.
  15. And the trigger/cooling liquid for the pump and the pipes could be a problem maybe... is liquid steel too hot for a thermium pump?
  16. I thought more like contactless pumping and pipesplitting for cooling... and using mesh for tilebuildblocking. This tamer build i have already seen. I was only thinking about, if there are other possiblities, cause of the temperature.
  17. I wonder, if something conceptional similar would work with niobium geysers...
  18. Conveyor bridge is best for this use case, but all other bridges (automation too) work too. It mostly comes down to mass and material choice.
  19. One can prevent an open PW-basin from offgasing by putting a layer of clean water above it. To be sure, use amounts of 2kg+ per tile. Didn't tested the other case with lower than 2 or 1kg, but from random observations it instead seems to promote offgasing, maybe something to play for the PO-fans... I don't like dirtgreen yucky air. Was a random discovery through a gulp fish, as clean water will always try to float above PW. After a a small test, even miniscule amounts (10g) of water seem to prevent the offgasing of the PW.
  20. Escher waterfalls only work, because more liquid, than is normal for particular element per tile is forced into a tile. (with gas locks the liquid is teleported into the tile). If pressure is higher, than is normal for a given liquid, only then the liquid begins to expand upwards. Under regular circumstances liquids don't reach this pressure, and, contrary to our physics, it won't level out in height. There is a tempshift plate behind the thermo sensor and the liquid lead, which transfers heat from liquid magma to the diamond tiles.
  21. You could build a 8-tile wide platform for the slugs in the room, were they get groomed and where they sleep, separate it from rest of room via ladders. Something like this: This is only an example. The rest of the room can be totally freeform.
  22. You could change UI Scale to make the UI more prominent. Organizing the UI around center without blocking view could be quite challenging, i think.