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  1. IIRC until ~141c, the 95c water has no problem cooling the turbine, since the turbine only absorbs 10% of the heat it converts/removes. Above that is where you start having issues. So if you have enough steam in the chamber, a refinery will never heat it above 141.
  2. Gas sieve help

    It's kinda hard to see what's going on with the zoom out. Could you screenshot the problem area with preferably the liquid gas overlay? By gas sieve, i'm assuming you mean the gas filter? White connection is the input, orange part is the gas you want to filter out and green gives you (input-filtered). So if you have oxygen, polluted oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide all mixed in a single pipe, you connect it to the white part, whatever you select in the filter will be filtered out through the orange part (lets' say hydrogen) and the green will give you oxygen, polluted oxygen and carbon dioxide. If I'm remembering correctly, the filter stops working if either the orange output or the green output gets blocked, could be why you're having issues?
  3. Gas sieve help

    A screenshot of your setup would be really helpful in finding out what's going wrong
  4. Empty Pipes block flow.

    Avoid T-junctions when you have multiple inputs and outputs in the same pipe section. It behaves funky sometimes.
  5. Wheezeworts not cooling properly.

    It's the phosphorite in the tiles which is the issue. Wheezeworts have to cool down 46.2 kg of phosphorite per tile as well. Imo domesticated wheezeworts are just not worth it in the update.
  6. Save File Editor

    Job Interests do seem to be resetting. Everything else works peachy!
  7. [Game Update] - 266019

    how do you keep the ng gen cool after they've started working? Mine started off at -10c and within 4 cycles went upto 22c
  8. Really wish that the liquid temp sensor didn't have the 100c limit
  9. Thanks! I should've head over to the bug reports before posting.
  10. Anyone else missing the tooltip that pops up when you hover over natural tiles?