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  1. I think, steam achievement statistic is lacking and not representative for ONI playerbase cause of two aspects, mods and debug_enable.txt (maybe only the latter). And to add to the learning discussion, I use copying as a shortcut to comprehension, so i'm probably camp 1.5. And copying/imitiating is indeed the very first step in learning in my opinion, at least as a blank sheet.
  2. Yeah, taking apart rubiks cube, and see, how it works, gave me more fun, than solving it the usual way.
  3. Some have mindsets with variable values... for some, these mindset are fixed. I do not know, if it is an advantage, but i'm pretty aware, when my mindset does not fit a given environment, or when it fit. I began with a pretty unfitting mindset to play this game, like i did with my study of computational science. Over time the mind adepted, and if you are lucky, there comes this point of epiphany, where everything falls in place. The playing with gas, when searching for the turbine heat deletion bug, gave me some insight, i was hoping for, but didn't expected then. If you try to force your current mindset on the game, you will get many frustrating moments from it. But if you you try to adept and even attune to it, you will get much satisfaction from the several things/mechanics, which interact with each other.
  4. Though if you consider it, the viscogel is not a counterargument to them, but the perfect legitimation for them, cause it exhibits two fundamental truths of ONI physics: gas pressure does not influences liquids liquids are stackable
  5. Maybe he would freeze Charlie... i heard ghosts and mares could be frozen. I think, this patch, when it will go into the default branch, will change quite some with so much random heat creation and deletion removed.
  6. Damn. Even when i try with all doors open, like @kbn did with sweepy, the doors don't want to close, when a dupe stands within them.
  7. The principles look identical to me... closing doors forcing dupe/critter/sweepy through solid tiles. You will need some dupe lure though.
  8. Look for the "Massive heat deletion/creation bug"-threads, they show practical (ab)uses of these bug.