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  1. I assume, niobium geysers are gone. The description also sounds more like "there is niobium, but not infinite." Although "rich" is relative with 30kg tiles. And btw. my MooPlanet is damaged too. SNDST-C-642534603-1M3
  2. That the minipump emits packet larger than 1kg/s, was shown in this thread: It pulls 1kg/s and emits on average 1kg/s, if you need a guaranteed even 1kg/s flow, maybe you should combine the minipump and the valve.
  3. This for sure is intended mechanic, proved by code review. But as you say, as this is a single player game, one self sets the rules, what is allowed, and what not.
  4. Just for completeness, selected planet is at distance 10000km and below the 20000km line. Easily reachable with steam rocket.
  5. I use them to pressurize my base to more than 2kg... i usually do 3.5kg with high pressure vents and atmo sensors. Although one could do that with submerged vents and atmo sensors too.
  6. Cause their element is dirt, independent of the actual material they were made of. And worn out they are no longer atmo suits, but a pile of dirt.
  7. That is part of our love for ONI, we want to share... even to nonbelievers. Even when they don't deserve.
  8. I would prefer the life maintenance option. No eating or drinking, no toilet or showering... no sleeping. No medicine or recreation in an atmo suit.
  9. Wouldn't this delete water/steam cause of petroleum dripping?
  10. 3 bridges and 1 tile shaft is superior, imho, but high pressure gradient, so not that easy to comprehend/control.
  11. For gas mechanics, i would recommend which touches a variety of different mechanics.
  12. and the 10% rule is explicitly intended, already shown by source code analysis:
  13. All the mods, i used, have a dependency on PLib form Peter Han (aka Stephen on Steam). I had a little conversation with Peter Han, if one adds a mod, with a current version of PLib implemented, all other mods depending on it, will use the current version too. Then the mentioned mods will work indeed without any crash on save. I used the mod updater as dependency solver for this: and now it seems to work, as intended. This is not recommended for everyday usage though, especially force loading of outdated mods, so use at your own risk.
  14. hmm... there seems to be a problem with saving though: MissingMethodException: void Database.ColonyAchievementRequirement.Serialize(System.IO.BinaryWriter) (wrapper dynamic-method) ColonyAchievementStatus.Serialize_Patch1(object,System.IO.BinaryWriter) ColonyAchievementTracker.Serialize (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/ColonyAchievements/ColonyAchievementTracker.cs:292) SaveLoadRoot.SaveWithoutTransform (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveLoadRoot.cs:197) SaveLoadRoot.Save (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveLoadRoot.cs:151) SaveManager.Write (Tag key, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] value, System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveManager.cs:237) SaveManager.Save (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/SaveManager.cs:175) SaveLoader.Save (System.IO.BinaryWriter writer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SaveLoader.cs:256) SaveLoader.Save (System.String filename, System.Boolean isAutoSave, System.Boolean updateSavePointer) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SaveLoader.cs:856) Game+<DelayedSave>d__193.MoveNext () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/Game.cs:2104) UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Scripting/Coroutines.cs:17) EDIT: Seems to be a personal problem on my side... other confirmed, that this method works.