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  1. HAIRCUTS!!1! Downloadable for only 1€ each. And eyebrows for meep. In lootboxes, for only 1€ each.
  2. So ideally one should use 3kg hydrogen to be safe without popped eardrums. Or isolate the room, then hydrogen should settle at 2kg at every tile.
  3. I'm not sure, how feasible that would be, but maybe cornerloaded kilns could be an fully automated option. But probably heat isn't enough.
  4. It can run with 3 rows too, i think. Seems to be stable at around 174°C. Cooling needed one more stage though. But i think, you are right, 2x10 is the sweet spot here.
  5. Liquids have different maximum mass per tile, water is 1000kg, crude 870kg or something and for instance liquid lead 9970kg.
  6. I think, i missed a tempshift plate under the bridge on the left side.
  7. Exactly. Loosing hair... vomiting... double bath room shifts... burns.
  8. Sorry, but had to tinker again with your work. Take it as deep admiration. The steam chamber on the left is far from optimal, but both chambers should in theory get the same or at least similar amounts of heat. FreezerFurnaceDouble2.sav
  9. Nuclear fun as early high power supply. I would implement some dirty early nuclear power production like was done in the fifties... and some high end, high tech, cleaner options for late game.
  10. I think, this is cause of the post patch gas behavior. Adjacent uniform gas tiles now swap places on 5% chance, i'm not even sure, if a pressure or temperature gradient is needed for this, didn't tested that case without. Though gas movement itself (and the heat within) through pressure gradients is far superior to conduction.
  11. I think, it happens now much more often and on a regular base, cause of near correct heat amounts exchanged. Before the patch, the temperatures were running off too fast to make it observable most of the time. I even think, crude/petroleum boiling on abyssalite was the only time, most player witnessed flaking, or the occasional, but rare enough boiling of liquid gases, while trying to cool them down. Now all of this happens more often, and more consistently.
  12. Although i have to admit, flaking on insulated insulation can be quite annoying, as the tile takes quite some time to not allow flaking anymore, when finally temperature is near LOX/LH temperature. It makes insulated insulation kind of inferior to other materials for this special case.
  13. Or you use the new automation ports on the reservoirs to trigger the shutoff, when input reservoir is almost full, and just prime the system a little with clean water, to fill the pipe between last (left) reservoir in line and shutoff. Automation is simple here, connect the reservoir on the right with the shutoff (NOT-Gated, i think). So it is very similar to @Neotucks solution with more width, but less height.
  14. 9122.6KJ over a Cycle, or 15.2KW... and still rising. Minus the 1.7KW from the Top Turbines, so 13.5KW power provided by one aquatuner.
  15. if time slows down, shouldn't fps rise... but at least my monitor becomes wider.