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Like most everyone who uses this forum I've been enjoying ONI for quite some time, although not as long as those who participated in early access. Its such a fascinating game involving real problem solving skill and and understanding of in-game physics. Plus the graphics/animations are great which adds to its charm. The new DLC looks amazing and I'm stoked, but prior to the images and videos like many of you I've used mods to alter and change conditions to present new and different challenges. Having enjoyed Francis Johns videos I decided to try my hand at the mini base mod. Now 700+ cycles in it has been my most enjoyable playthrough, aside from FPS being great, the additional problems of limited space is fantastic. Makes me think the new DLC will be as well given the smaller worlds. 

Anyways... as a perpetual noob, I had big dreams when I began this colony to exploit mechanics and make a megabase only to realize mid/late game how I didn't plan as well as I thought; thus having my favorite playthrough so far.

Utilizing the polluted water vent I was able to reach early game sustainability easily, including a clay farm producing lots of O2 cleaned by deodorizers. Before building anything or taking on additional dupes (after the first to skill up in digging right away) I dug out resources and planned as best I could where permanent rooms/facilities would go. With limited space you inevitably have to tear down and move or re-engineer something to be smaller, but my goal was to avoid it as much as possible. All in all the planning seemed sound, mealwood was set up so I could scale dupes as new seeds became available and I continued working on expansion and infrastructure keeping a small power footprint. 

The mini base mod includes non-standard care packages so having started with a ranching dupe I was able to quickly get a hatch and drecko ranch along with a vole starvation ranch. I also made a 1-tile pit next to the printing pod for the 8 pacu drops. Food was covered for the forseeable future, and as I got into space I could breed the voles to set me up forever.. Hatches were giving me coal but of course rock is of limited supply on the mini base. Some early reed fiber and plastic from Dreckos along with some eggs was a nice early game treat that made think I was on my way to a easy run to a mini mega base.

Around cycle 350 I was nearly ready to jump into space and had dreams of a large power sauna utilizing the heat of my industry and rockets. And this is where the cycle of catastrophe's really traces back to. Looking at the image it may or may not be clear what issue I was going run into which would compound other issues however at the time I didn't see it. What I failed to recognize was the air pressure in my steam room. Naturally there is CO2 from the petrol gens, and initially I was running coal power, but the steam is above it and I had pumps and filters in place to remove it. Unfortunately there was around 60-70kg/tile, just like the steam as I continue to dump water in as the temp could handle it as more mass is more stability. If only I paid attention to my now nonfunctioning telescope system.

As you've guessed by now, I was able to heat the steam and my turbines were able to generate power. My hamster dupes weren't using the wheels and my others gens barely powered on. Time to expand (famous last words).

Polluted water vents, like all vents, go dormant. I know this, we all do, but up to this point I hadn't had water issues - and while my infrastructure was for many dupes I didn't have anywhere near as many as would require that infrastructure. Now, having ran out of polluted water I begin putting bottle emptiers in my steam room and vent pump for the bottles in my clay farm. Knowing this is a good amount of water but definitely not enough for 40+cycles I installed another aqautuner to cool and remove water from the steam room.

Soon after I realized why I need to pay attention to air pressure more because my steam room became a CO2 room in short order; no longer generating clean water, power, or cooling my heavy equipment.

Overheating begins so I throw down a few key tempshift plates as a tempory fix and realize how much CO2 I have. I need carbon skimmers, lots of them. Water is low but I can turn the CO2 into polluted water which I can sieve and put into the steam room to process it faster and help push the CO2 down. 

The CO2 begins to clear and the turbines begin to do a little work, overheating slows and the crisis looks to be averted. Unfortunately, I now don't have water for my bathrooms, O2, oil well/refinery, and carbon skimmers. Steam room becomes CO2 room, temps rise, and brown outs begin. 

Since I don't have any steam for my turbines, and the main base is perfect green, I disable some aquatuners to allow more important equipment to operate. They're overheating anyways so this is a band-aid I think I need. Oh, and my dupes have begun peeing everywhere. 

While I could throw down a few outhouses I decide instead to have them mop and transport their pee to my steam room and vent pump to turn into clean water for 02 system, oil, etc. Checking my polluted water vent, its back on just a couple more cycles. But now I'm getting scalding warnings.

Checking the temp overlay I see that atmosuit entrance is over 75C and my main base isn't far behind. 

This is where I debated a restart. Enjoying the struggle I slapped down a bunch of triage cots and forced my dupes in and out of the scalding atmo area as heat crept into my main base while O2 depleted. Because of how I designed my drecko ranch as the O2 depleted hydrogen began to flow upwards where my highest trained dupes sleep. Stress was getting out of control, but a little vomit and urine probably was needed because the vent still wasn't on and I didn't have spare power with no hydrogen, natural gas, petroleum, or coal.  

And then it happened, the made mess notifications stopped, and whoever the dupes worship I thanked as the polluted water vent came back on. Slowly but surely my water lines backed up and everything came back online. Running only power to what was necessary I mange to one by one turn on the aquatuners and generate some cooling. My dupes stop getting scalded and things are looking good. While conditions begin to stabilize I make sure to get my dupes healthy, stress free, and clean up the base making no major changes until everything looked as it should. While the dupes worked I looked through my piping, power, venting, automation/lack of, and began predicting problems and coming up with solutions I put my dupes to work implementing. 

And now its cycle 722 and my dupes are again peeing everywhere, which is ok (for now) because my vent just became active again. 

(sorry for grammar and typos, hope you enjoyed)



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12 minutes ago, babba said:

@TripLykely Your base looks amazing...Lets pray a bit that our save games work after the dlc, right now our chances look very slim.

Thank you, but looks can be deceiving ;) More looks than function currently...

Thats unfortunate about the DLC and saves though. Hopefully that isn’t the case but I’m excited to try all the new mechanics/buildings/critters. 

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6 hours ago, babba said:

Lets pray a bit that our save games work after the dlc, right now our chances look very slim.

I don't see why saves would stop working. This is (as far as I know), paid DLC.  So the base game need to keep working for those who don't buy the DLC.

And... while some stuff in the DLC seems nice... I think I still prefer the base game's design so I certainly hope I can keep playing it.

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Vanilla telescope and other possible building removals + functional building and game changes + file save structure changes with dlc.

Would be nice if vanilla saves would work after dlc, but the dlc is more like ONi version 1.2 - A reworked game.

I hope the alpha is over in this year, I would like to play this game again ....with all its content.

1% chance that vanilla saves work after dlc - Hope dies at last :black_eyed:

It doesnt matter much anyway with trashed old saves, as the new fresh saves after the dlc1 will likely work until Klei releases a possible dlc2 a year later. Its the always-fresh-mentality which allows to change the game content in a speedy way. The changes are called dlc, but its the same style of game version updates as in the past.

Not playing full ONi and ONi at all sucks, doesn`t make sense for me in view of fresh save games.

Hope its soon the year 2021, I want to play the full game ! :biggrin-new:


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