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  1. As far as rocket goes, 1 can be enough mid-late game. I mean... Rockets are not mandatory to start with. In my current game, I only have 2 active ones. I have space planned for 6 I believe (2xLH2, 4xPetro). I could place more... But that darned Gravitas lobby is in the way... I'll need to melt some of it first. I'd say, if adding 1 more rocket is going to tax your power production, I'd worry about that first. I know I'm late game, but I'm at a point that I'm not even burning Nat gas anymore. All is either solar or steam. I'd need to give credit in part to this setup : I kindda adapted/improved on it a bit... But the main idea is there, ie. : regolith powered generator. And the output goes straight to the shove vole!
  2. Now THAT is what I call "cool steam". Not that 110C steam that comes out of the so called "Cool Steam Vents"!
  3. Honestly, I've been skeptical of achievement's stats for a while now. I game I'm playing, Green Hell, has less than 11% of player ever saving their game. It has less than 15% of player surviving 1 night and less than 12% ever died. In other word, that would mean 85% of player never played the game for more than 1 hour.
  4. So... All of a sudden, one of my dupe started hallucinating. It is trying to "flee combat" where there's nothing to fight. The first few time, it was while flipping the compost. Figured it was maybe the heat from the dirt (though scalding would have been a more proper warning), but when I got the same warning for same dupe at farm station, I figured something was wrong. Dupe is also getting 4 hp of damage each time. So... Ever seen something like this? Might be the pokeshell roaming my base, but I'd expect the notification when it actually attacks, not when the dupe is half a mile away.
  5. Not quite stupid... It's meant to give you something to produce oxygen in a way that you are eventually forced to grow out of. I kindda like the design. And I personally like puft. They allowed to increase my pacu's farm to the an abusively high 250ish. I also use the Squeaky Puft to turn chlorine into bleach stone... Not that I use bleach stone... I just like to collect stuff :P Never quite used the Dense Puft though... Oxylite is only usefull between the first rocket and LOX, and that timespan is usually so short (at least for me), it's not worth getting into Dense Puft farming, the Oxylite Refinery is more than enough. Oh and... SPOM are noobs trap too! :P On a map with no hydrogen geyser, you really don't want to use your hydrogen for power production.
  6. Taming water geyser is definitely one of the more crucial element as it really affect the sustainability of oxygen production. Sustainable oxygen production with only algae terrarium (diffuser are even less efficient) would require about 6 puft per dupe to generate enough algae. (If I remember the math correctly) In some ways, it also affect the sustainability of food production. But it's easier to rely other source not requiring water. IIRC, you need roughly 2 hatches to produce enough eggs/meat to feed 1 dupe. (Assuming you cook the egg. It comes short a bit though...). And those hatches also help with power production. (Hatches are OP!!!) So it would appear to me your next step would be to learn to "tame" water geyser... And most of them requires to learn how to cool down your base. Cool slush geyser being the notable exception. As for power, with 2 nat gas geyser, you shouldn't have too much problems.
  7. Not everybody will be at the same point at cycle 200. Sometime, just because of the geyser you find, your priority might change. In my last play-through, I had a Cool Slush Geyser right next to my base, which allowed me to postpone heat management much later than I usually do. Even the definition of mid-game isn't the same for everybody. But I'd say it's the "maintain the status quo phase". Your dupes are alive, you want to keep it that way. That means - Renewable source of water - Sufficient heat management - Sustainable food production - Sustainable Oxygen production - Efficient "byproducts" management. (CO2, among others) - Sustainable power source. - Probably a few I'm not thinking of right now How you achieve each items is a topic in itself. For example, heat management can be done in at least 4 ways. - Steam Turbine / Thermo aquatuner - Wheezewort - Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier - Superheating gases and venting them in space (Not the most resource efficient I'd say...) To be honest, I only ever used steam turbine for heat management, so I can't comment on the efficiency of the other 3 methods. The exact way you handle those issue is what will give a "flavor" or "personality" to your base. But if you need help with specific aspect, I'm sure you'll find a lot of help here in the forum.
  8. But we can make educated guess... If I play a first person shooter and I find a trick to clip through a wall, unless there is an actually in-game justification, (phasing, teleportation, etc), I won't really need confirmation from the designer to call it an exploit. But yeah, since the designers seldom make definitive statement about every single interaction in a game, like the wiki says : Also, we need to consider the difference between what devs intended and what they expected/planned for. For some reason, I doubt they expected we'd melt insulation to tungsten by using the refinery. But did it break any "game rules"? I'm not sure the refinery was meant to work like a reverse aquatuner, but other than that, it don't believe it did.
  9. My point is that you tried to force your definition to Zarquan? Actually, Zarquan tried to discredit my argument by forcing his definition on me, not the other way around. I just noted he totally missed the point I was making. And why would single-player game be immune to exploits? Granted, in a single player game, abusing exploits doesn't really have any moral/fair play implications as its your own sandbox and it doesn't impact others. It's like cheating playing solitaire, who cares. That doesn't mean it's any less of an exploit. Personal attacks? Really?
  10. I've been working as programmer for the last 20 years. You'd be surprised how many things behave the way they do not because the programmer DECIDED to code it, but because they FORGOT to manage that use case properly. I bet lot of cases end up being handled by "fail safe" code. Like the automatic dispenser being able to refill natural tile. I would be willing to bet that's just a side effect of current implementation and not by design. Then again, I might be wrong. But it's definitely not an authoritatively documented feature. So? I didn't use "Exploit" in that sense so... what's your point?
  11. Seems you don't understand the vocabulary... So here for you :
  12. You know what also satisfy this definition? Exploits.
  13. The thing is, if past is any indication, Klei tends put some cool, but overally pointless. All dupe are 50+ morale -> Klei meep's mandatory recreation pack that allows to get more of something you don't need anyway. Want better automation to create better and more efficient machine -> Klei gives you the Pixel Pack! (To be fait, the Automation Pack, had a few nice addition, but failed to included some widely requested yet simple one. Like a true way to automate gas and liquid tank instead of some exploit with mechanical doors...) And so, nuclear will come and I'll be like Overproduce 3000 kj per cycle without burning a single gram of petroleum, natural gas or coal -> Klei introduce Nuclear Power! So, until they introduce something interesting , optional (as in, not needed in the main survival loop), to do with extra power, I'm not sure what's the point of adding nuclear. Steam is disappointing? O.o of my 10 000 daily kj production : - 7000 kj is steam - 2200 kj is solar - 800 kj is hydrogen (my electrolyzer are backing off otherwise...) Some of it is from volcano tamer, so it can vary quite a bit... but still. I wouldn't rate it disappointing.
  14. Yeah... that's my thought too. In my latest game, I'm overproducing about 2000 kj each cycle from solar and steam alone. (I DO burn like 1000 ish kj of hydrogen generator... But that's because otherwise, my hydrogen storage backs up and my electrolyzer stop producing.) So I'm always looking for ways to burn more electricity. I think my nat gas generator did not run in the last 100 cycle. I understand the engineering challenge appeal though.
  15. This is a terribly confusing way to display temperature if you never took a science class or don't understand what temperature is. When you understand what temperature is, this makes more sense than anything else. Everything is an offset. The type of building act no differently than the type of material. The material act as a +50C overheat temp? Well the building type act as a +348.2 overheat temp. When you start seeing the building type as a temp modifier the same way the material is, it just makes sense. And I think it might play an even more important role once mods get involved. Why? Just.... Why? I mean... They do give you a plain, final, overheat value.