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Hey Grifters,

We've added some new fun cards to play with, fixed a lot of outstanding issues, and done some tuning of all three brawls. Have fun!


  • New Smith random event
  • Added a basic combat behaviour for Bordenkra¬†
  • Smith's brawl is unlockable by beating smith's extant story
  • Shorten the brawls by a quest each day (brawls are supposed to be short and hard!)
  • re-label smiths' brawl as his brawl, not his brawl preview
  • add smith bosses to brawls, boss rush


  • Tall Brag now has a max_persuasion of 5
  • Simmer can no longer pick 0-cost cards
  • Fixed bug where unstable_drone wouldn't trigger its damage if you killed the drone before getting to 0 stacks
  • Token of Hesh will try not to choose an argument that is already Shielded.
  • Fixed missing Frenzy upgrade
  • Fixed flavour text of Into the Night
  • Fixed bug where Parvenu was affecting all cards in hand
  • Added 1 damage to batter_up for better interactions with things like evade
  • The Twin bosses' Retribution is now triggered by panic as well as death
  • Racing Snails now use the trained and untrained_pet arguments as support
  • Fixed bug where self-targeted skills removed power from Conditioning
  • Fixed bug where Boosted All Out chose the wrong number of cards
  • Implemented the new cards in smith_tei_ctenophorian_heresy.lua
  • Fixed bug where battle cards with VARIABLE_COST were not shown as having a variable cost
  • Stoke can no longer prevent you from playing Executes


  • Making speech bubbles fade out when the negotiation/battle preview fades in
  • Tint stage and bg when showing battle/negotiation preview panel.


  • Lots o' typo fixes

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