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Hey Grifters,

Some boss changes today, and some requested modding stuff. I've had my head in design-land working out our last suite of quests for the debut. I'm attaching my notes below, but I make no guarantees of legibility or the degree to which the finished quests will resemble the plans!



  • Use oshnu wranglers instead of laborers in the snail racing quest
  • Added death loot and a boon for Brut
  • Added a boon and bane for twin_boss1
  • Updated Brut's behaviour
  • Added a new experiment for Smith's day 1 bosses
  • Disabled old experiments that were no longer in use
  • Added death loot for the twin bosses


  • Updated desc of CHASER to be more clear


  • Default mod aliases to the mod ID if not specified, so that the paths in Content.PLAX_DATA are aliased.
  • Clear Content.SORTED_PLAX_DATA when adding a new plax, so that it will be regenerated.
  • Fix plax saving for mods; the installPaths are unaliased so the paths need to be handled differently than they were.
  • Ensure new plaxes are associated with the same mod as the currently open plax by default (the combo box indicated as such, but the value wasn't being assigned if the combo box was left untouched)

Bounced out.jpgBuyer beware.jpgThe ctenophorian heresy.jpg

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Haha. My first job in game dev was on a baseball game - I think I picked up some of the language.

"Inside baseball" can be used to describe something that's highly technical and detailed for people in a given field, but utterly opaque to everyone else. In this case, it means that the nature of the heresy is really important and detailed to the members of the Cult, but Smith doesn't really get it.

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