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Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes. Diligent file watchers will find other tidbits that aren't ready to be talked about, as well. But we wont' be spoiling any surprises here, now will we? :)


  • Added gamepad support to the End of Day screen
  • Don't show the loot screen if you are about to lose or win the negotiation Daily.
  • Adjusting the position of the selected character on the New Game screen, so it stays in the center, independently of the window aspect ratio/resolution
  • Preventing the Characters Info sidebar block from consuming hovers/clicks intended for the character anims under it


  • Kindling: no longer removed by self damage.
  • Add a maximum argument count of 13 (including core) to prevent breaking the UI.
  • Wide Fixed has Expend, but is AOE.
  • Lumin Darts now uses the shared throw anim
  • smith_defend_bar_day_1.lua now applies the shield to the core argument before adding supporter arguments
  • reworked targeting on Smith's Confrontational
  • Revision: no longer tries to replace your core argument.
  • Nap: now calculates defend bonuses in its card text
  • Muddle now gives 2 defense per debuff, by applying 2 stacks of muddle, for consistency.
  • Ditch: Fix crash if there are no cards to discard
  • Fix upgraded Bravery from spawning the wrong modifier


  • Added two new Smith events (a regular and a follow up)
  • Try to Look Scary: Add no-flee flag.
  • Stunned fighters can't run away or be replaced by backup.
  • Bossbit can show up in plaxes (for mods).
  • Move ActData:InitializeAct before world region initialization. Again, for mods, this shouldn't change any behaviour for the base game.
  • Change daily seeding so it includes a hashed value instead of the rounded time, which causes blatant cycles due to its periodicity.
  • Use 'defend' anim for any entity that doesn't support 'dodge'.

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1 hour ago, Kevin said:

Add a maximum argument count of 13 (including core) to prevent breaking the UI.

Is that gonna be mentioned somewhere in-game, like the Neg tutorials or core's tooltip? Can imagine it being really upsetting to find out after playing Duplicity with Agitation a couple of times.

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Pearl-on-Foam looks so beautiful at night now! Were those animated tentacles always there? And did a new song get added for the final boss of a Smith Daily Brawl? Because that new one was nice.

Also, spoilers for the new event: 


Ximmon REALLY wants Smith's tissue samples doesn't he? 


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