[Experimental Update] - 422632

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Hey Grifters!

This update has a new daily run type, which happens to be the run for today! Woooo!

Also, there are some new defensive cards for Rook and Sal. See if you can find them!

  • New Daily Type: Protect Friend
  • Added new defense cards for Rook and Sal 
  • Fixed bug where Kashio's Dermal Cast would cause her clones to sometimes have more health than her
  • Crusher: does not reset cost when played.
  • Projector: now adds 3 damage.
  • New deck screen / drafting music
  • Snail Bite: Add Gamble keyword to Snail Bite.
  • Remove some superfluous card text stating "for this negotiation", which is implicit.
  • Fixed bug where dailychallengescreen.lua wasn't showing the allied character
  • Use Assassin's Mark+ on advancement, rather than modifying the Assassin's Mark card directly, which causes discrepancies when viewing the compendium version of the card.
  • Pet arguments are named after the pet.

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As bad as I am at this game I gotta say I really like this new daily type. Like boss rush but with a little more challenge in that you gotta protect a friend.

But also uh


I assume these Shroke hybrids aren't intentional? :P

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