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More Potter's Wheel Materials

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I love the potter's wheel, since it was added to the game it has been one of my favorite DST features and I love how more sketches keep getting added! Even better, when moon shards were added as a material, it allowed for so many more combinations. Last QOL update even improved the recipe of the existing boss figures and added more boss figures, which I was very happy about!

I think there's a lot more potential with the feature though, some resources in the game could work pretty well as a sculpting block to allow for more variety with materials and especially colors! So here's a list of few them that I think could work well:

  1. Thulecite: this one always screamed "sculpting block" to me. I think it would fit perfectly and add a very interesting color compared to the current options.
  2. Gems: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple gems would look similarly to moon shards and they would add very colorful options. the iridescent gem could also be used, though it would look solid, and I think it'd be incredibly pretty!
  3. Ice: sculptures made of ice are like, the fanciest thing ever! it would make figures look very interesting, having a white outline instead of the usual darker one. Ideally they wouldn't melt, since having to replace them would be annoying.

More material suggestions that I don't think would fit as well as the previous ones, but could still work: gold nugget, moon rock, beeswax, salt crystal.

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I really like these ideas, oohohoh I'd kill to see these added to the table sometime!!
Maybe like, other resources too? Namely thinking Gold, there's plenty to go around!



Let me build my statues out of Slurtle Slime and Phlegm please. :'}





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