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Hey Grifters,

Today brought some more refinement to the dailies and how scores are calculated. Today's daily is a smith cave run. You might want to try it. :)


    Add Smith to the dailies
    Added progress tracks to the dailies
    Actually delete your old daily if you start again
    Remove sequential drafts from daily because they are long and boring
    Added two new boon encounters to daily_escape_cave.lua 
    Set up the correct battle flags for the fights in daily_escape_cave.lua (you may not run away!)
    Account for difficulty-based score multiplier in a consistent way in the daily UI
    Adjusted points awarded for skipping bonuses and healing
    Added keepsake cards to daily
    daily_boss_rush.lua now shows a preview of the fighters that will help you
    Show your the current best score on the Daily button on the main menu.
    Score additions animate in nicely
    Added 3 new feats for the daily runs
    Added new variations for feats in daily_boss_rush.lua and daily_escape_cave.lua

    Quick Strap: No longer reduces cards with only 1 upgrade to 0 options.
    Makeshift Dagger+: Fix card desc to indicate it applies 2 Wound.

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So I tried the daily with Smith, and went with a Many Argument / argument self-damage deck for negotiation. I hadn’t tried that archetype in a long time, and I have to say with the rework and rebalance of many cards, it felt like it’s in a good place. It was silly, and crazy, and most importantly fun. So congrats on that. 

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