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[Swamp Update Concept] "By the Bog's Bay"

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"By the Bog's Bay"

This concept aims to provide some depth for the murky swamps of the Constant by introducing new set pieces, interactions, and dangers. The swamp is best known for it's plentiful and exclusive features such as reeds, tentacles, and merms. Sometimes spiders, and sometimes pig heads.

The general theme consists of classic inspired swamp monsters and fishing villages.



In-game visualizations of potential set pieces.


Cobbled Coves


A small villa of violence reformed merms, passive to all players, identified by a paler green appearance. Harvesting the resources in vicinity causes a lone "Kelplar Guard" to come out and chase the player down. Upon death, it drops a handful of kelp fronds with the usual merm drops. Wurt does not aggravate the Kelplar Merm.




Failed Settlers


A band of would-be settlers were seemingly not welcomed by the local inhabitants. The sketch by the last survivor unlocks the "Tragic Figure" at the potting wheel.




The Trawlermerm (New Questline for Wurt)


One behemoth of a merm, sat upon a small stool where he spends all his days catching wobsters and fending off skittersquids. He uses his time to think about how he could've been kinder to his passed father.


Spending time around the Trawlermerm, hanging kelp fronds from his drying rack, gifting him fish or wobsters, and killing skiddersquids will eventually reward the player with a Wurt exclusive blueprint for his father's specialty farm plots. 



Father's Specialty Farmplot

4x Reeds, 4x Rot, 2x Boards

- Only place-able on marsh turf.

- Can be used as a regular farm plot

- Nearby merms will tend to the plot once a day, accelerating growth exponentially

- If there are no merms nearby, the plot is better than the Basic Farm, but worse than the Advanced Farm.



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10 hours ago, gaymime said:

it is a nice idea but i wonder if it would be enough for an update without a little more meat to it and if the 'hardcore' fans would be nasty and accuse it of making the swamps less inhospitable and therefore bad

Yeah, good point. Maybe the merm setpieces should just be for Wurt until either a disguise is made or there's a king around. :wilson_curious:

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Like the idea of an swamp update. Focusing it soley on Merms- not so much. I'd prefer Pigmen, the smarter humanoids, to receive a refresh first.

My ideas for a swamp update?

I'd say introduce some new creatures and structures/background objects. And obviously make changes  to existing content.

Tweak placement of reeds.

Add mud pits that'd slow player's down or spawn some sort of new tentacle-bog abomination. 

Durring spring and autumn walking on marsh turf would increase wettnes unless it's Wurt.

Bog bushes that grow durian-like fruits (or simply durians).

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oh heck, i'd be game for harvestable durians or some other (monster?) fruit/veg  watercress could be eaten raw or cooked safely and cranberry is inedible unless it is cooked/preserved with neutralizing thinners like sugar & water. all three would look nice

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