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Hey Grifters!

Sorry for the delay with this update - we're working on some longer-term stuff now, so it takes a little longer. This update has a preview of our upcoming Daily Run mode! It's a little barebones at the moment, but here are some mock-ups of where we are heading with it:


image (1).png

image (2).png

NOTE that these are mockups! The scoring part isn't really done yet, and most of the information is provided in dialog boxes instead of polished screens. It will improve over the next two weeks.


Card Stuff

  • Fix Counter attack sometimes attacking an ally of the attacker if the attacker was already targetted by other enemies.
  • Weak Points: Slated Carapace no longer nullifies piercing damage caused by Weak Points.
  • Show Downgrade numbers for card damage numbers if the upgrade reduces it.
  • Locus Breaker, Wretched Jar: Now show card counters.
  • Locus Breaker: fix card draw count not resetting after your turn.
  • Fix crash if playing Bog Symbiosis automatically but there are no Grouts on the field.
  • Prediction: Now provides 4 Defend.  Guarding Prediction: Now applies 2 Defend to you and all allies.
  • Head Split: Now deals 3 (5) damage.
  • Crushing Blow: Now says "Apply Stun" for consistency.
  • Prattle: Preview Composure bonus received from Shenanigans.
  • Don't invalidate a card target due to target weighting.  Fixes Call In cards not attacking the correct enemy if the target was being attacked by allies.
  • Span-based support for text shadows, to make upgrade text more readable
  • Annihilation Cage: Now applies Sticky to selected cards for the duration of battle.
  • Back of the Line: Instead of the overloaded term 'charge', use 'use'.
  • When sparring with Murkot, don't try to apply xp to cards with no xp.
  • Added additional checks for torpor_fiend to prevent giving XP to cards with upgrade but no XP (such as items with an upgraded version)
  • Fixed bug where Krills' Anger could be triggered by random-target attacks even if it didn't hit the Krill


  • Aligning the audio dropdown options on the options screen
  • Fixing the bug where cards on the upgrade list weren't clickable anymore
  • Gamepad: Fix crash when selecting prestige in the NewGameScreen if you previously selected prestige 0 and then returned to the sidebar
  • Fixing the problem where the LootScreen would spawn other screens when clicking its options (like the GraftScreen/DeckScreen) but then would remove that option from the list, which also gave focus to one of the other LootOptions, taking focus away from the just spawned screen, which prevented gamepad users to use the newly spawned screens :D
  • Fix options screen crash if there are no valid audio output devices detected.


  • Added a very work-in-progress pass of the first Daily Challenge
  • Added three new mutators 
  • audio: music variation for sal combat music. VO level tuning. 
  • audio: some variation additions to Sal negotiation music.
  • Increase the output resolution of the lowres anim textures from 67% -> 80%
  • Add a --highres option to force nice textures

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Mmmmmm daily challenges gon' make me ACT UP (also the UI looking delicious as always thank you)

Oh I also spied the mention of the music variants that's rad as hell, I can't wait for the soundtrack to get released later :D

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New backgrounds, mysterious “powerplant”... I consider this to also be a sneaky sneak preview of Smith content.

Unrelated: in the Brawl mode, sometimes you can go back to  the bar after a job, and sometimes you just go straight to the next one. It would be good if this was indicated in the UI, so we could plan around it.

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Just now, TaschDraws said:

Wait oh my god Sweet Moreef is so adorable now

He went from bara grandpa to a tender pop rock singer.:wilson_ecstatic: Maybe a cousin of Glenn Yarrsborough.

23 minutes ago, TaschDraws said:

Sweet Moreef is so adorable now

Apparently he looked like that in May on some youtube videos but now I'm trying to find his previous look.

I thought I found a image but it was actually Wrux.

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