Game Update - She Surfs on Seashells by the Sunshine Shore

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New community map, new 'Chase' course, and a new in-world pickup

Summer is nearly here! What better way to celebrate a new season than with new ways to jump, boost, and surf: A new community-created map “Sunshine Shore”; a new Chase course in School; and a revitalizing energy drink to put some pep in your step. Take a leap and make a splash!

Sunshine Shore

After a long winter of keep-off-the-floor cardio, it's time to reveal that beach bod! “Sunshine Shore” delivers six beach-themed courses in this new Klei-curated Community Map. Experience fun in the sun and some scorching hot sand that’ll toast your tootsies — so stay off the ground!

Completing each course unlocks a unique beach-themed accessory. Collect all six!

New ‘Chase Your Sister’ course
By popular demand, we’ve added an all-new ‘Chase Your Sister’ course to replace the torturous challenging ‘Chase the Grade’ course in School. This new course is more on par with the other Chase courses in the game, so if you’ve been stuck trying to get past this course, give it another try.

Those looking to score another A+ can still access their beloved ‘Chase the Grade’ as a trial in Mrs. DeAngelis’ art room. Complete it to unlock a new item.

Energy Drink
For those speed demons thirsty for an extra ounce of oomph, we’ve added a new energy drink — “EdgyX” — so loaded with energy just holding it will give your character an extra boost. If you get thirsty in a course, you’ll have to back out to the overworld to refresh yourself: EdgyX cans can be found in all the overworlds.

Take care, have fun, and stay off the floor!

Detailed Patch Notes - 404154

  • Added new community map Sunshine Shore including six new courses
  • New rewards and ranks to earn in Sunshine Shore
  • School’s Chase the Grade is now a trial with a new reward and rank
  • School has a new Chase Your Sister course to replace Chase the Grade as the sixth course to match the format of other levels
  • EdgyX energy drinks can now be found throughout every overworld -- drinking and holding these will increase your run speed until they are put down
  • The Level Select screen has a fresh new look
  • More terrain cleanup in Playground
  • Fix main menu UI layout for ultra wide monitors
  • Fix issues with resolution selection in the settings menu
  • Fix sometimes checkpoint navigation icon jitters between left and bottom sides of screen
  • Fix poorly aligned UI widgets in main menu
  • Fix poor use of screen space on friends list

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15 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:


How the heck do I get to that screen?? XD 

5 hours ago, CaleyC said:

Hi all! Today we have an update with a few bug fixes and gameplay cleanup.

  • Fixed issue where some players were not seeing gameplay highlights properly
  • Fixed issue where decals were not showing for people who had gameplay highlights disabled
  • Fixed issue with surf where players were skipping off surfaces more often than intended
  • Fixed common collision trap in wholesale
  • Added more error reporting to help track down some tricky player issues being reported


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