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Willow Lore Speculation (I can do that right? It's art music and LORE, so I'd assume so.)

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I have been thinking about the From The Ashes video and some of Willow's quotes, as well as a few other things that I have pieced together

What I've pieced together as her story-

Willow had been wasting away at the orphanage, having only Bernie as a friend. She was mistreated by the orphanage keeper. She was losing her mind there, when a terrorbeak attacked her. The only known Terrorbeak in the real world was the one Maxwell summoned, which I believe to be the same one.



A terrible form took shape in the air above the ritual last night! It was large and indistinct, but its countenance was infused with a sort of alien malevolence that chilled me to my very core. My fear was so great that I almost faltered in my incantations.
It made no hostile motions, however and after having hung in the aether for a time, it shivered out of existence. What was it? Was it observing me? Is it the guardian of some deeper secret to which I am drawing closer? In any event, I am not keen to meet its like again.

Now, as to why it was passive to Maxwell but not Willow is due to Maxwell being more sane. If Maxwell had been insane when summoning this Terrorbeak, I believe he would've been attacked too.

Moving on, the terrorbeak attacks, Willow fends it off with Bernie, and the orphanage keepers lock her in a closet. Willow sees the terrorbeak come back, and she needs a way to get out of there. She didn't have any friends but Bernie, which is why she was so unhesitating when burning down an orphanage. She finds Bernie and leaves the orphanage and her past life behind her.

From here, things will become much more Speculation-y.

Years after the Terrorbeak incident, Willow ends up joining the Girl Scouts, as supported by these quotes:




I believe she got her Lighter from Girl Scouts, for campfires and cookouts and whatnot. The camp leaders soon regretted giving her the lighter, as she used it irresponsibly. Willow was eventually kicked out for being too dangerous. Alone again.

Later she found a more fitting group, a coven of fiery Witches, and started learning Witchcraft. This would explain her unnatural immunity to fire. This is supported by the inclusion of the Witch hat skin with Willow's Funko Pop figure.


Many years later, She started feeling very anxious about something, and from all her previous experiences, she saw fire as something to comfort her, so she went to burn something to the ground. This something happened to be the Voxola factory, which Maxwell was angry about the destruction of, as it ruined his plans for luring people into the Constant. So, he schemed and plotted and took her in for revenge.

And that'll wrap things up for now, credits to @Zeklo, @Tapirus and @JamesBucket, who brought up some of these in their own content.

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The orphanage looked abusive the way the sisters pushed Willow around. That's not good for mental health.


TentTent- "I got all the badges in Girl Scouts."

I don't think she was kicked out because this was her quote about badges.

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3 minutes ago, Blue Moth said:

@minespatch She was a good scout, but she was dangerous. so they had no choice but to kick her out.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd once again duckduckgo and google can't answer specific questions. Foiled again.:wilson_ecstatic:

Can't believe I can't find a answer to "what happens after you win all your scout badges".

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11 hours ago, JamesBucket said:

Oh, no need to credit me. My video was based purely on Zeklo & Tapirus' work. They contacted me if I could make their research into a video and I did because their work was very impressive and very well made. 

I credit you because you were how I was introduced to Tapirus' work. Also, how were the things I came up with myself?

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