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Abigail's Death

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I... Felt like I should make this post. It was very disturbing... for me. Mostly due to me being at a young age. You know Wendy, the third character in Don't Starve? Yeah... This is about her... I found out about Don't Starve after watching Falpatrick's videos, It seemed like a neat game. When I don't have certain games that I like to look at Wiki's about them and watch videos of them. After looking up Don't Starve a bit I decide that I want that game. I went on the Chrome App Store and get the game on my apps. I launch the game and enter my game code to play the game. I click one the play button and choose a save file. I play as Wilson, the only character you can pick when you start the game. I start off with the usual "Say pal, you don't look so good. You should get something to eat before the night comes." from Maxwell. I then gather as much twigs and flint as I can and make an axe to chop down some trees. Dawn comes and I set up a fire. I pick some carrots nearby and toss them in the fire to cook them. I then eat them to restore my hunger. I then notice some ghost appearing nearby me and hitting me. I get surprised by this and run away from the ghost, After a few seconds I realize it is Abigail. I began to wonder why she was here when I was Wilson. And then she began to just come close to me, I was confused, she is suppose to hover around the player to not hurt him, but right now Abigail was doing the exact opposite. When night came I had to run around the fire constantly. Abigail kept appearing the next 12 nights, I got pretty used to it. I made a post about this but it oddly got removed. On day 14 I didn't see Abigail this time. So I went to my Crock Pot (I made it in that amount of time.) and made some Kabobs. My sanity was also pretty low so I put on a garland. I then began to hear Abigail moan. It sounded like she was saying something but I couldn't hear. Day came and I turned off the game. I made another forum post about this and someone with a picture of Maxwell's game sprite posted a link. I believe the name was... ShStToDe I believe. I then went to the link and... I saw something that... Was disturbing. It was a private, unlisted video. It was called Say Pal, Don't Starve. It was like a cosplay of the Forbidden Knowledge video, but this was before that was out. It started with someone who looks like Wilson making a machine, the one in the Forbidden Knowledge video. He was doing the things shown on Forbidden Knowledge: Tying two rats together, typing, making a machine. And having some of his blood drop into a cup. Then instead of Maxwell telling Wilson to throw the switch like Forbidden Knowledge, Maxwell told Wilson something, there were no subtitles and the voice was muffled but after watching the whole video I knew what he said. Wilson then went out of his house with a backpack and into a forest. He followed a gravel pathway to some cabin. He looked through the window, he saw two little girls. He then went to the side of the cabin and waited for the lights to go off. After the lights went off the cosplay Wilson went into the cabin, making sure the door didn't creak too loudly. He looked around at some family portraits. He saw a portrait of the two girls, and a mother, and a father. The mother was in a outfit that looked like a maid,the two girls both had blonde hair, a bow, and a red skirt. The father was wearing a military uniform. After 3 family photos. The father was missing. The mother looked sad, and one of the girls also looked sad but the other girl didn't. She had a still face, not showing any emotion. Now that I think about it all the portraits had that girl have no expression. She was just still. It was like she was photo-shopped into the different places were the family took the photos. Wilson then crept upstairs and went into the girls' room. they were sleeping in separate beds, one girl sleeping in a blue-blanketed bed and the other sleeping in a red-blanketed bed. Wilson looked at a desk near one of the girls and it had a rose, a lamp, and a notebook. On the notebook was a doodle of the girls' father. But he had a tail instead of legs, like a ghost. Wilson looked at the other girl. He took out a sack from his backpack. I knew what was going on. The girls eyes opened and she nearly screamed. Wilson covered her mouth, she was kicking her feet. Wilson pulled her hair and kept putting his finger to his mouth letting out a shush. He took out a small cloth and held it to her mouth, she sniffed the chemical on it and passed out. Wilson stuffed her in the sack and ran outside, not caring about being quiet. He just ran back down the gravel pathway and ran to his house. He went downstairs into his basement. He placed the bag down and let her out. He then locked the door behind himself. This odd video was acting like it was fast-forwarding. During the fast-forward Abigail came out of the bag and began kicking at the door screaming. hitting her hands at it. she then sat down on the steps leading upstairs. It seemed like the video was slightly faster. There's a window at the top of the basement room, showing outside. There is absolutely no way for the girl to get to it. Light then swept through the window and the video stopped fast-forwarding. It showed a shot of Wilson at the door with a lady in a maid's outfit, the mother of the two girls. She showed a missing picture of the kidnapped girl. Wilson just shook his head, the lady began to cry and Wilson comforted her, that sick freak. The lady then left. It showed the basement in fast-forward again, the light vanished through the window, then came back again, the light vanished, then came back again. When I first watched the video I realized that Wilson wasn't giving any food to the girl! She began kept skinny. She bit her arm but yanked her arm away in the pain. It kept Fast-Forwarding, light then vanished. The fast forward stopped. She was laying on the ground, crying. She then spoke, it sounded muffled, but I knew what it said. "Wendy... I'm sorry I'm not as strong-hearted as you... I'm sorry for insulting you with my friends... Forgive me... I will try and protect you in my after-life..." After the girl said this the other little girl was at her window. Her voice sounded muffled too but I could hear her. "I forgive you Abigail..." I then saw Abigail faint, she didn't move. Wilson opened the door and grabbed Abigail by the hair. He pulled her into the room with Maxwell's machine. Maxwell then spoke: "The sorrow of a dead one stays in the body, letting us use it's power for science..." Wilson then looked at the body and began to cry, he knew what he did, he wished he hadn't done it. He uses Abigail's corpse as a part of a machine. Stuffing her carcass with all the machines gadgets and gears. Then Maxwell yells at Wilson to turn on the machine, having Wilson be grabbed by shadows, pulling him into Maxwell's world. I couldn't believe Wilson did this... I realized the video kept going. Maxwell's sprite from Don't Starve came up, he did his speaking animation but we wasn't talking in letters, there was audio coming from the video. "Say pal, I know how your feeling. Wilson is a cruel man, to kill a little girl for his own deeds, to have her starve. But you humans are filled with curiosity. Wanting to see what happens. Sometimes curiosity can be a good thing, you created cures for many diseases, made talking to one another very easy. But there are also bad times, like what was shown here. Many lives are lost due to curiosity, you can even kill yourself! It wasn't Wilson's fault it was human desires, wanting fame, wanting to know things. Sometimes the unknown is best left unknown. But after all, what Wilson did was for Science!"The video ended.

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I don't get it and there are several grammatical and word errors (Dawn when you mean Dusk).Keep up the good work though! When I started writing fan-fiction, I picked up the following books:Elements of StyleandThe Little Brown bookThese books will improve your writing skillz

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With all the fast forwarding and the quick switch in scenes, this would be better of if it was visualized. The fast forwarding mainly made my try to read faster and finally at some point pretty mutch confused me.Well visualized it could turn out pretty well I belive.

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