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  1. I hope this post gets viewed. I was going to start my own topic, but there is just no way what I want to say justifies it. Hi Klei! Thank you so much for this upcoming DLC. I love Don't Starve and still use the background(s) at my office work and have since 2012. Some of raven's fan art remains my iPhone background. I have not played since the inclusion of the caves, I imagine that is finished; so when I get RoG I am going to have a double bunch of Wonderful content to go through. My only hope for difficulty, I am afraid may not be included, is for there to be more (random?) serious threats and adventure content for day 250+ sandbox worlds. At least in the threat department, as I feel that once I got to day 100 (and then day 200) I was safe, and therefore, some of the magical fun of Don't Starve was gone. I know it's hard to do without "cheating" us the player. So good luck, and I have faith in you guys! Thanks infinitely again, Mich
  2. Hi Raven, I just wanted to say (again) that your art is fantastic. And to this day, for about a year now, I am still using the Silent Night (colored) as my iPhone background. Love that colored drawing. Everytime I open my phone I get to see that lovely little scene, and it makes me think of you. Good luck in life Raven! You won't need it Best, Michiko
  3. He never made a suggestion dude...It is quite easy to ready OP, don't worryAnd he called out himself that there was no body...and who cares? ~~~Great pic Alpaca I like his scruff
  4. I don't get it and there are several grammatical and word errors (Dawn when you mean Dusk).Keep up the good work though! When I started writing fan-fiction, I picked up the following books:Elements of StyleandThe Little Brown bookThese books will improve your writing skillz