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  1. With all the fast forwarding and the quick switch in scenes, this would be better of if it was visualized. The fast forwarding mainly made my try to read faster and finally at some point pretty mutch confused me.Well visualized it could turn out pretty well I belive.
  2. *Doing doing doing doing doing* The bonus has Pikachu cheeks lolCool
  3. Generally this is something useful, those nearly broken armor and weapons are simply annoying. But combining two items of a certain value to get one with a higher value as it is done in many games is stupid. A trash bin doesn't seem to fit in a survival game. Afterall Wilson has to fear everyday about death and not to get insane, now the least thing he would think about is creating a trash bin I'd assume.Instead there could be the possiblity to feed things to Chester, say you have the option to either store something in Chester or let him have a snack, that way you'd get rid of those next to useless low % items, and Chester would be more interactive than just a handsfree walking storage (and monster bait, as I use him sometimes for). He would demand something to eat by times, doesn't matter what, that thing eats everything else.... Idk. Maybe he refuses to move on if not feed sometimes.
  4. Don't you think that implies to let some sort of monkey creature inhabit a rather unreal realm other than a rainforest or something as known? I have yet to find a pig that builds himself a weird wooden dwelling. I personally do like the more creative ideas.
  5. That you could not set it after the prototype was built sounds like a bug, but that the materials are used up as soon as you click to built the prototype, even if you dont place it down, that is intended to be. The built is reserved until you set it down, without repeated or additional material cost. If it wasn't like this, you would not be able to, to place a new building that requires alchemy or science machine further away than just the screen view around the machine.
  6. Thats the thing, the attention is set on not to starve, to die from hunger or other natural causes. Fighting as I understand the game concept is a smaller side factor. I do like the effect, I could imagine it ingame to create a scary atmosphere, just as that moment you realise you forgott to chop wood and the night is starting any moment. It generates a bit of panic for the player. But sadly I see this effect only linked to fighting.
  7. Sounds interesting, would be a suitable effect for the game. The plan is not to starve, not beeing able to hear for a set time or having a blurry vision could generate a scary atmosphere. That would require a fitting occasion how this effect happens tho, and all I could imagine is suffering this effect from a battle. If this effect could be properly linked with the art of just trying to stay alive, rather than combat, it would be nice i think.
  8. To create a ambience of beeing underground it does not nessesarily require walls from bottom to the ceiling or a ceiling at all. It can also be a area that has many cracks and cliffs around the area and at the outer lines. That way it creates an ambience of a really massive cave and the ceiling and the walls are not manageable in the sight area of the character. Especially if this area is shrouded in total darkness and only savely accessible with a torch or other portable light source, cave sounds like echo single water drops and randomly creppy noises, this creates a even better cave atmosphere than a typical cave screen with a wall to the left, a wall to the right and a ceiling.
  9. This topic comes up quite often, what happens if all beehives are gone? Also honey, bee mines, the stingers even the killer bees all are pretty good items or can be used to create really good items (the killer bees need to be handled with care but even them can be used to kill tuff enemys without mutch effort or risk if you have a beekeeperhat).Well so its pretty mutch not helping the game to add more beehives just for the reason those all could be destroyed somehow, or a infinite production of honeycombs which would even be worse.So I would say every world has only 1 hive somewhere around the starting area, you can loot that hives bees or destroy it to aquire a honeycomb and build a own personal box to farm at a prefered location. But what if that one gets destroyed or the honeycomb get lost or whatever. Let me tell a solution.There is always only 1 hive, bee box or honeycomb on the entire map. If this one honeycomb gets destroyed a queen bee will hover around the map and either if it is going to get killed will drop a honeycomb or it will settle around some grassland location and a new hive is created. Few honey bees would go along with her, so you can catch them if you intend to kill the queen bee to get the honeycomb and build a own hive. That way no matter what happens there will always be the possiblity to have honey and bees but only one at a time cause the bee hives/ boxes have great advantages. Plus a new not frequent and bosslike mob could leave more options open for later additions.
  10. Well that is the reason to not have a overwhelming large list of options and possibilities right from the start, but the science seems just a bit random. The lands of dont starve have quite a lot magical and mysterious aspects, but not science. Only the part that you start out with a scientist who swiftly appears more of a magician.The list of craftables could be empty right from start, then as you proceed and gather items the characters give a note about it. As mentioned above, gathered a twig and a flint and he states he got the idea to craft tools with it and they are unlocked, shown in the list, description readable and craftable.It could also even expanded a bit more, and give a quick hint on any item you find for the first time during that game. Find a carrot and the character states that he would prefer it roasted. In my opinion the science is completely unneeded unless there is/was mutch more planned around science to be added to the game.- Chantal
  11. Why would this game even require science?Okay you start out with a scientist, but thats about all (maybe he is more of a magician than a scientist anyways with his magic beard). The different characters get dropped in a mysterious land to survive. Them find a piece of flint, them find a twig and so they get the idea what they can do with it. Tools are unlocked. They cut down a big tree with the tool, get 3 logs and get the idea they could craft a board with that. Boards are unlocked. No grinding, no science, no science machine just progress thru experience. Simple, logical and practical.
  12. Im aware of this, maybe it did sound too judicial. In fact I love the game. - Chantal
  13. They could arrive in small groups of 5 but repeatedly till the amount is used up. On day 100 onwards they would constantly bug you day and night, but not to overwhelm you in a massive invade. It just would make it harder to gather food and survive. As I experienced in my games it was nearly impossible to starve, never happened to me on normal play only when I forced it to see if it is even possible. - Chantal
  14. I hope so, because the game is well made. But it is fast burned out.- Chantal