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  1. Don't Starve Comics

    i have seen the dstarve comics in a while.... time to update myself!
  2. What happened to your test tools mod? I cant fidn it anywhere :/ also will you be putting it onto the steam workshop?

  3. Draw Your Character into Don't Starve

    ever since the powers update, making your character into dont starve has become VERY EASY. so why dont some of you artist hop to it! i am sure some of you can pull it off and make a character you like into the game for all to enjoy.
  4. Draw Your Character into Don't Starve

    I want to make a charectername: Waldo "The Lost"Phrase: "where am I?"-gets lost easily- (fog begins to cover exsplored areas of the map in time.)-Ignored- (less likely to be attacked, animals dont run away from him as quickly.)
  5. Draw Your Character into Don't Starve

    helps im not smart enough to figure this out >.<
  6. Draw Your Character into Don't Starve

    some of these coul dactually make a charecter in dotn starve! i exspecially liek the grave digger
  7. Draw Your Character into Don't Starve

    how did you make yoru charecter in game? tell me your secrets!
  8. Abigail's Death

    i want to see this video o.e
  9. Looking for mod developer's help

    no im just waiting for the thing to work for me e-e
  10. (need some help) .Tex editing

    i wana edit the .tex files myself so i could make some costom big portraits
  11. Don't Starve Tex Files Manager

    when is next update????
  12. Looking for mod developer's help

    well i hope you can ;/
  13. how to make ".tex" file?

    even with current version compressions dont seem to work so if anyone manages to fi let me know
  14. Speech mod v0.5

    i see o.o just saying i think berrys not good as bacon should be a quote fo rwolfgang since he has the biggest apitite